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How to Use Artificial Intelligence…

Despite first being coined in 1956, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it is, for the most part, a largely untapped space. While the mainstream traction of ChatGPT and DALL.E certainly thrust intelligent solutions into the limelight, few actually know how to ‘harness’ their power outside of content generation.

Global / Industry Insight

Ecommerce Insights: Ikea Reigns Supreme, Headphone Hysteria, and Surprising Surges!

In this month’s round-up of ecommerce insights (covering March and April) across Europe and the UK, learn more about a new pan-European payment system, Amazon’s B2B expansion plans, how to advertise with first-party data using Amazon’s ad platform, DoorDash’s retail media proposition, European consumer spending across borders, the fastest growing companies in the region, and the top 10 most searched keywords in Europe for January, February, March, and April. 

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Sh*t’s Hit The Fan… So What Do You Do?

We live in a world of consistent change which can mean a whole host of things; new legislation, behavioral shifts, a global virus, war, climate change, looming recession and so on. And as marketers, we tend not to like change. Why? Because change equals uncertainty, which equals chaos. 

Global / Work & Awards

The Countdown is on for ‘The Art of Chaos’

With less than a week to go until Incubeta’s upcoming event ‘The Art of Chaos’ there’s still time to register and secure your spot at the live (or virtual) session. We’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of marketing and sharing valuable lessons on embracing uncertainty to succeed in challenging situations. Join us on Tuesday 25th April from Google’s Berlin HQ for an afternoon of insightful presentations, actionable takeaways, and more. 


Global / Industry Insight

How to Find Growth in Difficult Times

Some things are rarely said in business. Things we know that sit in the back of our minds, that we don’t want to admit to ourselves. One is that we only have so much control over our destiny. When things are great we like to think it’s because of the wonderful initiatives we introduced, and when things are tough we are perhaps too hard on ourselves.

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