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The Role of Consent Mode in your Path to Privacy-Ready Marketing

Most attempts at organisational change fail because the psychology of change is ignored” – Winum, Ryterband, and Stephenson

While the digital landscape is experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift towards user privacy, one thing has remained consistent throughout: humans’ reluctance and resistance towards change, especially when it disrupts our routines or threatens our comfort zones. Change can evoke various emotions such as fear, uncertainty, and anxiety, but we tend to forget that change is also at the forefront of versatility, progress, innovation and ultimately success. 

Global / Industry Insight

3 Ways to Craft Creatives that Woo Your Audience this Valentine’s Day

Time and time again, we’ve seen that Valentine’s Day is one of the shortest purchasing periods in retail. Because of this pressing time for brands and businesses, it’s difficult to cut through the noise and stand out. And with Valentine’s Day sales expecting to be around $25.9 billion this year, 8.4% higher than 2023, the pressure is on. 

Global / Industry Insight

A Mark of the Times: “AI Employees” that Boost Internal Productivity

Large organizations often struggle with providing their staff with the right information in a smooth and efficient manner. Recent developments in AI now offer new solutions to “traditional” communication and workflow issues, and we believe that our clients can only grow exponentially when our own teams are operating as efficiently and productively as possible.. Our innovation team leverages AI to help us with that.

Global / Industry Insight

2024: Embracing the Data Revolution

In 2023, 87% of organizations acknowledged that they weren’t fully tapping into the potential of their data. Fast forward to 2024, and businesses, both big and small, are preparing to change that. Now, even smaller enterprises have their hands on data that was once exclusive to the big corporations.

Global / Industry Insight

Two Concrete Solutions for Marketers Once Third-Party Cookies Are Gone

Organizations will soon have to rely on their own first-party data for targeting and ad buying. The most common advice for marketers that depend on third-party cookies is to work on a first-party data strategy. This is necessary not only to reach target audiences, but it’s also a prerequisite for running marketing solutions powered by AI and machine learning (after all, if you can’t walk, you can’t run). However, for many organizations, it’s practically impossible to build a large enough first-party data stack. Such parties require two concrete solutions.

Global / Industry Insight

A Spotlight on 2024: Key Digital Trends & Forecasts

With 2023 showing us how quickly digital priorities can shift throughout the year there’s no doubt that 2024 is going to be another rollercoaster of a year for brands. While fluctuations in market volatility can make it difficult to anticipate what’s coming next, we sat down with our team of digital specialists and leaders to gauge their thoughts on future trends for the coming year.

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