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Incubeta Welcomes New CEO Americas, Alex Langshur

We are kicking off 2024 with exciting news. Incubeta has welcomed Alex Langshur as CEO of Incubeta’s operations in the Americas. With a solid understanding of the ad tech and martech landscape, Alex is set to lead Incubeta’s US team in expanding its data-driven marketing services across the country.

South Africa / Industry Insight

Specialists Spotlight – Digital Marketing Trends to Navigate 2024

In the landscape of 2024, data emerges as a key player, offering businesses a crucial strategic tool for steering towards marketing success and outpacing competitors. Our team recently conversed with industry experts to find out the essential digital marketing trends that South African brands should prioritize this year. Let’s explore the insights they provided.

Global / Industry Insight

A Mark of the Times: “AI Employees” that Boost Internal Productivity

Large organizations often struggle with providing their staff with the right information in a smooth and efficient manner. Recent developments in AI now offer new solutions to “traditional” communication and workflow issues, and we believe that our clients can only grow exponentially when our own teams are operating as efficiently and productively as possible.. Our innovation team leverages AI to help us with that.

Global / Industry Insight

2024: Embracing the Data Revolution

In 2023, 87% of organizations acknowledged that they weren’t fully tapping into the potential of their data. Fast forward to 2024, and businesses, both big and small, are preparing to change that. Now, even smaller enterprises have their hands on data that was once exclusive to the big corporations.

South Africa / Industry Insight

Black Friday 2023 Unwrapped: Insights, Trends and Tactical Takeaways

Black Friday, the international shopping frenzy that first hit South Africa in 2014, has become a staple in the retail and e-commerce landscape. As we reflect on the recent Black Friday extravaganza, we sat down with Paid Media Managers Helga Ndawula and Cassidy Lassen to dissect key insights that defined this year’s shopping spree and extract actionable takeaways for brands aiming to optimize performance in the coming seasons.

Global / Industry Insight

Two Concrete Solutions for Marketers Once Third-Party Cookies Are Gone

Organizations will soon have to rely on their own first-party data for targeting and ad buying. The most common advice for marketers that depend on third-party cookies is to work on a first-party data strategy. This is necessary not only to reach target audiences, but it’s also a prerequisite for running marketing solutions powered by AI and machine learning (after all, if you can’t walk, you can’t run). However, for many organizations, it’s practically impossible to build a large enough first-party data stack. Such parties require two concrete solutions.

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