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AMERICAS / Industry Insight

Consolidated Data is the Future. Are You Prepared?

Let’s start with the basics. Martech, an abbreviation of marketing technology, refers to all the software, platforms, and tools that brands and agencies use to streamline, automate, and analyze the marketing they conduct. Stack procurement is the process of finding and implementing that collection of tools and technologies to aid and deliver on a brand’s needs and goals. 

EMEA / Industry Insight

Beyond the Hype: A Six-Step Guide to Navigating the Martech Landscape

At Incubeta, I have the pleasure of working with forward-thinking clients who are always seeking a competitive advantage, which also means that I’m frequently exposed to the latest product demos. I find myself constantly immersed in the captivating realm of MarTech, attending exhilarating product demos that showcase the next big tech breakthroughs you never even knew you needed. In this thriving community, yesterday’s startups are fueled by eye watering investments, while last year’s contenders are devoured and reborn with new identities.

Global / Industry Insight

How to Use Artificial Intelligence…

Despite first being coined in 1956, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it is, for the most part, a largely untapped space. While the mainstream traction of ChatGPT and DALL.E certainly thrust intelligent solutions into the limelight, few actually know how to ‘harness’ their power outside of content generation.

Global / Industry Insight

Ecommerce Insights: Ikea Reigns Supreme, Headphone Hysteria, and Surprising Surges!

In this month’s round-up of ecommerce insights (covering March and April) across Europe and the UK, learn more about a new pan-European payment system, Amazon’s B2B expansion plans, how to advertise with first-party data using Amazon’s ad platform, DoorDash’s retail media proposition, European consumer spending across borders, the fastest growing companies in the region, and the top 10 most searched keywords in Europe for January, February, March, and April. 

EMEA / Industry Insight

The Power of Video

Video ads continue to dominate the digital landscape as trends such as #tiktokmademebuyit and YouTube Shorts have become increasingly popular. Social platforms have gained prominence as key places for brand discovery especially among Millennials and Gen Z’s- with users engaging more and more with video content. This has made it important for brands to understand how to harness the power of video ads to drive engagement and connect with their consumers using authentic storytelling.

AMERICAS / Life & Culture

Incubeta Appoints Cory Hudson as Senior Vice President of Creative

International marketing leader, Incubeta, today announced the expansion of its creative leadership team with the appointment of award-winning digital marketing professional, Cory Hudson as Senior Vice President (SVP) of Creative. In his new role, Hudson will be responsible for expanding Incubeta’s creative capabilities in the US by leveraging innovative technology platforms and AI to provide better efficiencies and performance outcomes for client campaigns. Hudson will elevate Incubeta’s strategic and creative consultation capabilities while furthering the agency’s excellence in branding, production, and paid media. 

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