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A Spotlight on Tomorrow’s World

Last week Incubeta took to the stage at our latest event Tomorrow’s World – hosted at Google’s HQ office in Kings Cross. A nostalgia-themed event for global audiences, we took a step back from the fast lane of digital to share informed predictions on tomorrow’s world with presentations, panels, and keynote speeches covering a range of futuristic themes.

EMEA / Industry Insight

All Eyes on DV360: Building Your Own Personal Algorithm

If you’re familiar with DV360 you’ll know that it has a selection of automated bid strategies which allow programmatic traders to go beyond applying a fixed bid strategy. Traders can use the system to bid on impressions based on its likelihood to achieve a chosen KPI. But what if a trader wants to actively factor in a variable that isn’t considered in Google’s automated algorithms, such as variable conversion values, as opposed to all conversions being considered equal? The answer? DV360’s Custom Bidding.

EMEA / Industry Insight

Bidding in the New Search Ads 360

Five months into the roll-out of the New Search Ads 360 (SA360) experience and we find ourselves at an important stage of the journey: the bidding migration. Until now, all features relating to bidding were held back in the previous SA360 whilst users were tasked with familiarizing themselves with the new navigation and workflows that the updated UI presented. However advertisers are now being given the option to migrate their bidding over to the new UI.

EMEA / Work & Awards

Incubeta Launches Amazon Services in South Africa

Incubeta is thrilled to announce the launch of Marketplace Solutions services in South Africa, preceding Amazon’s 2023 entry into the market. Back in September last year, Incubeta acquired global marketplace agency, Maze-One, as part of our strategic diversification of our digital marketing and advertising services. Maze-One is one of the five companies that we’ve acquired within a two-year timeframe, and the eighth acquired company overall since our inception.

EMEA / Work & Awards

Customer Centricity at Scale

Last week was an exciting time for Incubeta, as we hosted our exclusive ‘Customer Centricity at Scale’ event in collaboration with Meta. Over the course of an afternoon at Meta’s office, our line up of industry experts from M&S, Meta, and Incubeta treated us to a variety of thought-provoking talks covering the full funnel experience and its specifics.

Global / Work & Awards

The Countdown is on for Tomorrow’s World

With just over a week until Incubeta’s upcoming event “Tomorrow’s world” there’s still time to register and secure your spot at the live (or virtual) event. Join us on Thursday 22nd September from Google’s London HQ for an afternoon of insightful presentations, panels and keynote speeches on a range of futuristic themes.

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