Driving Performance with Paid Search & Social Maximizing Revenue for Forever New

“I would personally advise any marketing manager to contact Incubeta if they are looking for outstanding results, delivered with excellent customer service.”
Michelle Swart
Marketing Manager Forever New


One of the fastest growing Australian brands, Forever New emerged in late 2006 as a start up retailer and now trades in over 250 stores across seven countries.

Tasked with increasing the volume of sales and boosting brand awareness, Incubeta started working with Forever New in April 2022.

Knowing that Forever New wanted to increase revenue and user retention we took a proactive approach with a more strategically structured approach to platform builds. With a dynamic repositioning for the Brand that addressed a multiple funnel approach.


Granular account structure and targeting segmentation was the key to our strategy. We identified who our prospect audiences were by gradually narrowing down our targeting to find the most profitable segments. This was complimented by interest and look-alike Paid Social targeting.

We implemented Performance Max campaigns with a cautious approach to our initial builds as this was a new offering from Google and for all advertisers our experience on this campaign type was limited. Month on month we drilled down on our campaigns as to what we were observing WoW. With the new feed coming live we split out product collections to drive greater performance across all channels expanding our ability to optimize performance while maintaining tROAS.

In terms of targeting, we overlaid our broad match and interest based generic keywords with offline to online CRM data audiences, through running Paid Search (brand and non-brand activity) and Paid Social (prospecting and retargeting activity). We focused on users who had interacted with the brand before; either by previously visiting the website, liking the Facebook page or signing up for the Newsletter.

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