Incubeta’s Head of Product Development Fred Maude features in PerformanceIn’s Top 50!

We are proud to announce that our Head of Product Development, Fred Maude is listed on PerformanceIn’s Top 50 Industry Players 2020.

Matilda Rose Moir

Top 50 honours provides global recognition to remarkable individuals and rising stars around the world who push the conventional boundaries to improve the performance marketing channel.

We caught up with Fred to discuss his success, and his achievements in 2020 that ultimately led to his listing in PerformanceIn’s Top 50.

1 – How does it feel to have been recognised as one of PerformanceIn’s Top Industry Players?

It is amazing to be recognised for any award, however, to get the recognition from PerformanceIn is always extra special. I have worked in the performance marketing industry for the last 5 years and PerformanceIn is the industry’s leading publication, which I think sums it up!

2 – Are you working on any particularly exciting projects at the moment?

The major project I’m working on at the moment is Seamless Search – the first platform in history to definitively answer questions surrounding the incrementality of paid search advertising in relation to your organic search. I’m so lucky to have been part of this project, and am excited for what the next few months will bring as we invite people to start benefiting from the platform for the first time.

3 – What has been your biggest achievement this year?

The launch of Seamless Search! Winning an award is great, but really the biggest achievement of the year is centred around all the work the team has done on Seamless Search, and this award is just the recognition we’ve received as a result of that work.

4 – Who else on the PI Top Industry Players list do you admire and why?

I would have to say Carrie (Carolina Paradas) from Harvey Nicols. I’ve worked with her a fair amount over the last few years and it has always impressed me to see someone take on so much across so many different disciplines and manage to both understand it, and stay sane. Congrats Carrie!

5 – What should we be keeping our eye on in 2021?

2021 is going to be fascinating, not least because of Seamless Search (sorry I will stop now), but also because of the ongoing Google antitrust cases we’ve seen, which I’m sure will only grow in intensity. The legislation off the back of these cases, the consequential fallout, and then the opportunity this presents businesses is fascinating. I will be keeping a very close eye in 2021, and suggest everyone does the same!

Congratulations Fred!


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