Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities Scaling Data Driven Creative for Zalando

Incubeta is an important partner in developing dynamic creative automation. With their media expertise and technical knowledge, we have created 6 dynamic creative templates which use a multitude of signals. This has allowed us to personalize our creative strategy for our audiences based on every step of the funnel. In addition to these templates, Incubeta have provided extensive hands-on technical training and support to enable our team to scale our dynamic programmatic media offering.
Ara Salbashian
Media Team Lead at Zalando Marketing Services


Zalando Marketing Services is fashion brand Zalando’s 360° marketing unit – connecting brands to consumers, enabling growth and elevating branding. ZMS wanted to achieve a more personalized ad experience so partnered with Incubeta to build an automated data-driven creative solution that leveraged dynamic capabilities and drove an ROI uplift. 

The solution needed to be future proof – permitting ZMS to control and personalize creative assets across multiple markets and campaigns at the same time. 

Incubeta was also tasked with providing training that would ensure Zalandon’s in-house teams were capable of independently rolling out similar strategies in the future. 

The overarching goal was to drive a modular design approach to further improve conversion uplift for ZMS, and increase ad engagement using an automated solution.


To create a modular dynamic creative template we customized our Seamless Creative platform creating a fitting User Interface for ZMS teams to effectively and efficiently personalize dynamic creative. Using an easy to use creative assembly, ZMS had the option to publish campaigns immediately or schedule for a future launch date. 

The solution also included a custom product selector tool developed for ZMS, that gave the teams complete flexibility to build out creatives for the right brand and product requirements. This solved the challenge of the product feed being too large for Google Studio. 

We also delivered a Creative Learning Series to educate the Zalando team through the process, providing an extensive Onboarding User Guide and Creative Production Playbook to ensure best practices are always met and ensuring success in the long-run.

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