Driving Site Engagement Going Digital with Quintain Living (Tipi)


Quintain Living (formerly Tipi) are a leading brand in the ‘building to rent’ sector – offering high end apartments in Wembley Park, with additional perks such as no fees, 24 hour support and stylish furniture and fittings. The rental market was one of many industries hard hit by Covie-19. With the government’s introduction of social restrictions, combined with the general advice that people should stay in their current homes and only move if absolutely necessary, it rendered physical property viewings near impossible.

We needed to get prospects engaged with ad content, driving site enquiries and generating leases throughout Covid-19, without prospective tenants viewing the apartments in person.


Anticipating that prospects would be unlikely to convert without having a full view of where they were going to live, we started by integrating a virtual tour into the banners, which were designed entirely dynamically to allow continual updates, to build content selection & to enable testing

Because Quintain Living already had the virtual tours available on site, we had access to a bank of 3D panorama style images for each room. This meant that the display build would be relatively simple and therefore highly cost-effective.

From here we optimized content towards previously active audiences by reflecting their initial building interest within the ad. We also used determining factors such as style preference & life circumstance to tailor content for each new prospect.

To avoid the risk of creative fatigue we implemented a rotational creative strategy which maximized site traffic & engagement, exposing potential customers to a broader range of imagery.

Additionally, we made sure to establish flexible banners that would allow optimization over time.

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