Maximizing Engagement & Reach for Forward Implementing a Native Data Integration Solution & Programmatic Strategy Activation

“The high quality of our first-party data and a successful combination of campaign planning, set-up & optimisation allows us at Forward to constantly outperform the market benchmark for our campaigns. Incubeta have been effectively supporting us in establishing best practices and strategically integrating our DMP’s first-party data into DV360.”
Franziska Bergmeir
Head of Trading Desk & Media Operations | Forward


Forward was struggling to integrate first-party data from’s properties, which made it tricky to retarget users off-site via DV360. Incubeta was onboarded to expand Forward’s offering and extend the audience reach of its digital campaigns delivered outside of its network of properties.

The adopted strategy allowed Forward to increase its inventory, securing growth in advertiser investments and attracting new clients from verticals outside of Travel.


Initially we linked the DMP & Ad Servers to the Google DSP, DV360, which allowed audience segments to sync in real-time for activations. Best practices were applied, from creative to targeting, which led to more relevant campaigns and better results in terms of brand reach and engagement.  Moving from a Publisher approach to a Data Agency one resulted in a fully controllable Trading Desk model for Forward. This tactic, combined with Incubeta’s holistic knowledge of the programmatic ecosystem, enabled Forward to create a benchmark within the Travel Vertical for the sell & buy-side. The strategy, together with continuous testing and measurement, enabled activations to achieve outstanding results in terms of reach and  engagement.

Incubeta assisted Forward with the knowledge and tech support needed to carry out a seamless data integration from the DMP/Ad Server to the DSP, minimizing the impact of non-matched cookies across all inventories including: display, video, native, audio and YouTube.

Further support was also provided with in-depth data analysis throughout, combined with quality assurance checks, and campaign activations and optimizations.

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