Increasing Revenue Streams with Ad Exchange & Data Insights Gaining Ownership for iCulture

"Transitioning from sales house to direct ownership gave us a huge boost in revenue. Thanks to the excellent onboarding, guidance and support from our GAM partner, Incubeta, we can now operate completely independent."


As independent publisher, iCulture’s business model is highly dependent on sponsored partnerships and affiliate (programmatic) ads. They worked for several years with a programmatic sales-house before eventually collaborating with Incubeta to drive more results, as well as to gain more ownership and independence over their tech and data, particularly by using Ad Manager 360 and Ad Exchange.


The key to driving more partnership and ad opportunities for iCulture was by setting up Ad Manager 360 and Ad Exchange, as well as implementing a clear Ad Unit structure. Our team created a waterfall system that could better enable direct sales from tech vendors and advertisers, increasing iCloud’s opportunities with standard and programmatic guaranteed line items – revenue from, and outside of Ad Exchange. 

Our set-up also consolidates all the relevant data on Data Studio dashboards, providing insights to help us optimize iCulture Ad Exchange on a regular basis (twice a week). 

Our flexible and data-driven set-up allows us iCulture to continuously improve their Open Market results, enabling more business on their publishing platform, especially by increasing their flexibility during periods of high seasonal traffic (e.g., Apple product launches, Black Friday, etc.).

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