Demonstrating Ad Performance for Greenstone Financial Services Solution Implementation


The challenge for the Real Insurance marketing team was in tracking and demonstrating the effectiveness of their advertising against an offline policy conversion process. As it stood the team could only track and report on leads generated, not which advertising channel or creative led to the conversion.  Real Insurance approached Incubeta who had helped with similar challenges faced by sister brands within the Greenstone Group. The challenge was to identify and implement a solution to track, measure and attribute their marketing activities to sales conversions managed offline.


We recommended using the Google Analytics 360 Suite (formerly Google Premium). Why Google Analytics 360?  Although the approach of integrating offline data from their call centre, with online web and campaign data is possible within the standard Google Analytics platform, the limits for setting up custom data fields and real-time data sharing was not sufficient for Real Insurance’s needs.

The Real Insurance marketing team needed to link an advertising channel to a lead conversion, to a sales conversion. This required web data to be shared with the sales system, and then back again in real time.

Greenstone purchased Google Analytics 360, and Incubeta set to work. Real Insurance now has visibility over the entire end-to-end customer journey, and can more accurately attribute marketing activity to conversions – not just ad spend and click through rates.

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