Increasing Engagement & Brand Awareness Utilizing Creative with Incubeta


Eurail is an international company, based in The Netherlands and sells rail passes to travelers from all over the globe. Incubeta were brought on board to support Eurail’s primary objective; to support Eurail’s primary digital performance objective. In order to help achieve this, we developed secondary goals, by increasing brand awareness for the target market, during off-promotion periods, with the insight to convert to eventual sales. 


In order to increase engagement in peak periods, we optimized off-promotional periods to expand awareness of the Eurail brand, to those who were in the consideration phase of the funnel, using facebook as the main social channel to push out an engagement campaign for Eurail. 

Using Facebook’s additional tools, such as ad creation, we were able to mould our single image ads into a video, which helped to engage customers and also limit ad fatigue whilst being limited by creative. 

Data gathered generally saw a higher click-through-rate and lower frequency when implementing this tool. We also brought creative agency, Shuttlerock FMP, who were able to use static imagery, and transform them into an interactive, eye catching piece of content. 

We used a combination of retargeting and prospecting for this campaign. To test performance, we ran a Facebook controlled test, which split traffic so half users would see single image ads created by Eurail content team vs. animated video creative based on Eurail’s single image ad (transformed by Shuttlerock FMP). We kept the placements identical, running on Instagram feed, instagram story and Facebook feed.

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