Boosting Hotel Bookings for Gruppo UNA Utilizing Performance Max


Gruppo UNA wanted to implement a strategy that could increase the reach of its online activities and find new clients.

For this reason Incubeta, as Gruppo UNAs main consultant, proposed to introduce (in parallel to the search campaigns managed in SA360) a Performance Max campaign. This was a goal-based campaign type that uses machine learning to serve audiences a relevant ad with an optimal bid to maximize campaign performance. Thanks to its ductility our campaign responded well to the Brand’s needs to expand its potential reach by opening up to new Google inventory, and allowed it to reduce the risk of budget dispersion and maintain a focus on conversion volumes and their value.



In order to increase brand awareness and client acquisition, we implemented a new campaign that would allow us to test various Google inventories simultaneously without spreading the budget. 

In order to allow the algorithm greater optimization flexibility and to encourage a larger correlation between the ads and the user’s search intent, we removed any limitation on the URLs that could be used to generate traffic. Additionally each of the three asset groups in the campaign were associated with copy, images and videos in the various formats supported. 

In addition, we used a combination of audience signals that would allow us to increase the precision of our targeting.

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