Omnichannel Optimization Online to Offline Tracking for Bathstore


Bathstore is the UK’s largest bathroom retailer with a network of 173 stores across the country. Incubeta was tasked with devising a solution for online to in-store purchase tracking to be used to maximize both online and in-store revenue through Paid Search campaign optimization. Furthermore, we would ensure that our optimization of Paid Search activity did not cut out keywords that contribute to in-store sales, but do not drive significant online revenue.

Our goals were to identify the impact of PPC on In-Store purchases, and maximize online and In-Store revenue through Paid Search campaign optimization.


We started by devising a strategy to map in-store sales with online registrations by linking email addresses collected online with emails provided in-store. We then mapped online registrations to online traffic sources by taking the website registration data & linking it back to the traffic source that drove the registration

Traffic sources were analysed by a number of attribution models including: First Click, Last Click, Weighted and Cookied. Each traffic source was analysed in granular detail, including the specific Paid Search keyword that drove the registration

From here we worked with DC Storm & DoubleClick to integrate the in-store sale & revenue data into the DoubleClick Search interface at a keyword level to see store revenue as an additional custom column within DoubleClick’s keyword-level reporting. The data within this custom column was applied to bid strategies and rules, in order to optimise campaigns for the most effective keywords across all channels.

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