Measuring the Value of Online Media Custom Channel Attribution with Incubeta

Through their innovative approach to omnichannel campaign optimisation, Incubeta has helped us to create an online-to-offline tracking and management strategy for our paid search activity, which has given us a greater understanding of our consumers’ omnichannel path to purchase. This approach has not only improved our online revenue from paid search, but also our in-store revenue, exceeding all our expectations.
Kevin Sears
Head of Online at Bathstore


Bathstore is the UK’s largest bathroom retailer with a network of 173 stores across the country. The vast majority of their competitors are online-only, meaning that Bathstore’s store network acts as a key point of differentiation.

Bathstore’s online performance and store performance are markedly different with online average order value typically just 10% that of in-store. Incubeta was tasked with providing Bathstore with a better understanding of the true value of online media to improve their media planning and management.


We started by building a custom attribution model which considered the relative importance of each of the steps in a consumer’s path to purchase. To do this we worked with attribution specialists DC Storm to analyze Bathstore’s historic data and build media channel weightings based on the position a user’s interaction occurred during the path to purchase.

Once the attribution model had been put in place we combined online media consumption data with in-store behavior. To do this we linked our online media to Bathstore’s CRM platform, allowing us to match up the email addresses of in-store customers with online registrations. We then linked online registrations back to the media channel weightings our attribution model defined.

From here we used our in-house technology department to pull the attributed and store data into our media management platform, DoubleClick, so that our teams could effectively optimize towards it.

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