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A Month in the Metaverse…

“The next platform and medium will be even more immersive, an embodied internet where you are in the experience. Not just looking at it (your screen). And we call this ‘the Metaverse’”- Mark Zuckerburg, 2021

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5 Minutes with Jonathan Nerbe; Managing Director of Incubeta Germany

In our latest ‘5 Minutes With’ we sat down with Jonathan Nerbe, the new Managing Director of Incubeta Germany. After three and a half years as Managing Director at Jellyfish, Jonathan spoke to us about digital transformation, expanding Incubeta’s foothold in DACH and what it means to be part of the Incubeta family.

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Separating Digital Marketing Dreams from Reality; 4 Retail Trends to Watch

As the familiar saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and judging by recent financial results for many local retailers, the proof of how digital can step in and save revenue in a downturn economy is sweet indeed. But business leaders must guard against presuming digital marketing can deliver miracles without the necessary support. 

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Incubeta Insider: Diversity in the Workplace

In our latest Incubeta Insider we caught up with Pieter Slingerland, Managing Director of Northern Europe to discuss European Diversity Month, and how Incubeta strives to be an inclusive, diverse and supportive workplace for all employees. Despite diversity in the workplace generating significant focus over the last two decades, 59% of people in Europe still believe that individuals are discriminated against based on their ethnicity. Pieter spoke to us about his team, the road to increased diversity and how organizations with an inclusive and diverse workforce produce stronger ideas, genuine customer engagements, and higher financial gains.

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Introducing the Incubeta Influencer Initiative

The last 12 months have seen exceptional growth for Incubeta, and with the acquisitions of Groundswell, Maze-One, Panalysis and Extendo, as well as a worldwide recruitment drive, we’re proud to have over 650 staff across our 21 offices. And with so many new faces in the Incubeta family we wanted to do something different, and unite our people together. So we created The Incubeta Influencer Initiative. A worldwide initiative that connects our offices around the globe and encourages inter-regional relationships.


The Growing Role of Data in Retail – On Demand

On the 3rd of March 2022, Incubeta ZA hosted an insightful and interactive webinar: ‘The Growing Role of Data in Retail’. Joined by Google’s Retail Industry Manager Pranav Prakash, and Charles Nzimande, Digital Platforms Specialist at ZA retail chain, Pepkor – we discussed how local brands are evolving their business approach to incorporate the use of data in their decision making and overall business strategy and growth.

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5 Minutes with Tim Van Der Bilt; Incubeta Maze-One’s Founder & CEO

In our latest ‘5 Minutes With’ we sat down with Tim Van Der Bilt, the founder and CEO of Incubeta Maze-One. A full service marketplace agency based in the Netherlands who joined the Incubeta family last year as our second business acquisition of 2021.

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The Rise in Social Commerce; A Focus on the South African Market

Few can deny the boom we’ve seen in ecommerce and digital spending over the past two years – significant global growth that shows absolutely no signs of slowing. 2020 alone saw a 66% increase in total online retail sales (mainly due to the pandemic), and this has only grown fourfold in the last 12 months – leading to a significant rise in alternate methods of ecomm, such as Social Commerce.

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Creative Spotlight; Getting Virtual with Master of Malt

In the fourth installment of our Incubeta ‘Creative Spotlight’ series – where we’re shining a light on some of our favorite creative builds, showcasing the numerous ways that creative can drive performance – we’ve got our Video X Gift Finder hybrid, where we built virtual advent calendars for Master of Malt.