Incubeta Partners with Carpio to Supercharge Marketplace Reporting

It goes without saying that analytics is a critical part of any business. Analytics helps to identify opportunities and contributors to success, not to mention problem areas that deteriorate profit and growth. For brands utilizing marketplaces specifically, it’s important to use analytics not only to get an overview of account performance, but also to deep-dive into how specific aspects of their catalog and ecommerce strategy each impact their bottom-line. Incubeta leverages various technologies to gain these invaluable insights. One of the most important platforms for our marketplace team especially is Carpio.


In 2022, Incubeta partnered with Carpio to supercharge the way we support brands with their marketplace analytics, and ultimately with their ecommerce growth and sales performance. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Carpio – Your Questions Answered

  1. What is Carpio and who is it for?
  2. For which marketplaces is Carpio available?
  3. How does Carpio work?
  4. What kind of data or reporting is available on Carpio?
  5. What makes Carpio different?

What is Carpio?

Carpio is an ecommerce data platform and reporting tool that helps brands (vendors and sellers on marketplaces) boost their sales with multiple marketplace insights.

It allows users to efficiently consolidate their ecommerce-marketplace data into comprehensive dashboards, going as far as measuring ASIN-specific metrics, combined sales, advertising and product category performance against competitors, and even how visible a brand is for specific keywords.

For which marketplaces is Carpio available? 

Carpio is currently only available for select marketplaces such as eBay, Shopify and Amazon. This includes both Amazon vendors and sellers. However, expansion to more marketplaces is on the horizon, starting with and Walmart.

How does Carpio work?

Using API technology, Carpio works by first connecting to seller and vendor accounts. It then extracts all data from these accounts so that this data can be translated into quick, comprehensive, and customizable (?) dashboards.

What kind of data or reporting is available on Carpio?

For both Seller (3P) and Vendor (1P) Retailers, Carpio gives brands insight on key sales metrics, revenue, orders and units sold, buy box wins and losses. By combining data from multiple sources, brands can better identify when changes in revenue are caused by events such as losing the buy box or modified advertising spend.

Vendor and Seller Data: A variety of campaign tracking metrics, including competitive analytics on revenue, sales, returns and buy box data across 1P and 3P accounts. This also includes units and returns, glance views and product page views, and buy box loss data.

Advertising Performance: Conversion rates, unit sales, click through rates, ROAS, and more, which can be consolidated into a single dashboard.

Share of Voice: Keyword performance across all products, and in the near future, across multiple marketplaces.

Shopper Behavior: Keywords that advertising and sales, popular item combinations that sell together, repeat purchase behavior, and specific items that shoppers look at and purchase after viewing certain products.

What makes Carpio different?

  1. Most reporting tools cater to either vendor or seller accounts, while Carpio caters to both.
  2. While Amazon offers analytics natively, there are a few drawbacks to Amazon’s reporting tools:
    • Compared to Carpio, the data available on Amazon is more limited in terms of accessing “share of shelf” data, consolidated multi-country data, and advertising data overall.
    • For share of shelf data specifically, Carpio lets brands compare their share with that of their competitors, giving deep insight into which keywords are being better or more efficiently used by others.
    • The data available on Amazon is harder to consolidate and visualize compared to Caprio.
    • Data on Amazon can only be stored for 3 months, whereas Carpio stores data forever.

Bring all your data together with ease and understand what drives revenue for your brand

Overall, Carpio gives brands the opportunity to intelligently integrate all eCommerce data from leading marketplaces and retail channels into one simple dashboard. Measure growth, track keyword analytics, protect profitability and gain share on multiple digital shelves to enhance your ecommerce revenue.



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