Why is it Important For You to Migrate to Google Analytics 4?

The new version of Google Analytics has four main features that will make the analysis of your data more robust and granular:


  • Enables a complete, relevant and timely understanding of the customer journey by moving from session information to unified and personalized events. In other words, it is a tool completely focused on the user.
  • It produces cross-platform insights, which allows you to have the complete map of the user’s journey through the different digital channels. While satisfying your security expectations, it measures the different digital properties while respecting the privacy of users.
  • It facilitates the discovery of insights (predictions) through machine learning , which allows you to obtain the maximum value from your data.
  • Generate greater business impact by more efficiently activating data. It allows you to define audiences with much greater reach and perform cross-platform ad integrations and attribution based on native data.

If you are just entering into the world of Google Analytics, you do not have to worry, since by default you will have the new Google Analytics 4. However, if you already use Google Analytics, it’s important to transition to the new version so you have historical data to compare in the future. What should you do?

  • Keep your existing Google Analytics implementation and use it as your primary source.
  • Implement the basic connection of this new property (GA4) to start collecting data in the new version, while still doing normal tracking with the current version of Google Analytics .
  • Gradually migrate to GA4 with the goal of making it your primary source in the future.

Even once the basic connection is made, it is a good time to plan and develop a new data architecture, exploring in detail the benefits of this tool so that you can fully exploit it. You can take advantage of this year to refine said architecture and train your team so that in 2022 you can already fully take advantage of the new functionalities with historical data that allow you to activate and enhance them. If you need support to start using Google Analytics 4 and/or have a data architecture that generates value for the business, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] 

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