Using Creative to Maximize Reach & Return from Affinity Networks

It’s no secret that consumers are more likely to interact with an advertisement, and convert if the messaging and content resonates with them and is relevant to their situation. In short, if a consumer can’t relate to an advertisement then they won’t convert and that ad spend is effectively wasted.

Ethan Vaughan

This need for ‘ad relevance’ combined with the steadily burgeoning demand for diverse and inclusive messaging means that brands are having to rethink their creative outputs to align with consumer behaviour and instigate conversions. Now more than ever before people can see themselves represented in models, clothing sizes, makeup shades and so on, and if a brand consistently targets consumers with imagery that does not feel relevant or inclusive, they are at risk of evoking feelings of alienation, and brand resentment. Both of which will adversely affect their performance and ROI.

Advertisers should be taking the time to build creatives which leverage existing content, constructing diverse and inclusive ads that reach affinity audiences and maximize campaign performance.

L’Oréal’s “Your Skin, Your Story” campaign

Utilizing Creatives

By identifying key affinity audiences advertisers can build creatives which use their pre-existing diverse content to reach specific people, at specific times with highly relevant (and inclusive) ad content.

Take the fashion industry as an example. Many clothing brands offer a wide variety of sizes, and plus size ranges to be more inclusive and accessible to consumers. Taking the existing imagery/content for these ranges, advertisers can use dynamic creative to build ads that provide users with a more personalized (and targeted) experience. Such as serving imagery with plus sized models to those who have shown a previous interest in plus sized products on site. 

We trialled this approach with a campaign for online adult retailer, Lovehoney, using dynamic creative optimization to target specific audiences with ads for plus size lingerie. The results were astounding with the ad driving a CTR of 0.6% and CR of 19%.

When it comes to clothing and makeup, tailoring creatives to resonate with specific consumers is especially effective as it lets potential clients see ad content that matches their body type and/or skin type which in turn allows them to imagine the product on themselves.

Establishing these areas where a certain groups’ wants or needs may differ from the majority audience, and scaling creative to fill these gaps, is a great way to increase performance and increase the chances of repeat purchases.

Have a look at this example from Snag Tights, a women’s clothing brand that champions diversity and inclusion within their marketing.

Consumers want to feel represented within marketing efforts. And using relevant and appropriate creatives to target your audience helps develop this sense of representation, which in turn allows brands to build strong relationships with their consumers and increase brand favourability. Brand loyalty equates to brand profitability, and will ultimately drive performance for your business. Have a read of our recent article The Loyalty Landscape to learn more about driving profitable customer relationships

For more information on Dynamic Creative Optimization explore our range of Creative Services, or get in touch with the team today. 

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