Top 10 Benefits of Integrating Marketing within the Cloud

Throughout uncertain times marketers often find themselves having to pivot their strategy to match the status of the digital ecosystem – in a bid to both attract consumers and provide personalized experiences that match the needs of their intended audience. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in the usage of cloud based tools, to make information analysis more secure, flexible, and scalable – such as Google Cloud, which fully automates and manages database operations.


However the real value comes in merging said cloud based tool with your marketing tool. By combining both platforms you’ll be able to implement new strategies and take advantage of machine learning to process valuable information and scale your business.

Lets use Google Marketing Platform as an example. By merging it with Google Cloud you can see the conversions of a campaign, how the user navigates and what he/she buys so that in combination with the cloud data – this allows you to analyze the trends of both customers and the wider industry. A key metric for building future strategies.

Knowing the most valuable customers, the best-selling item, digital and traditional (offline) transactions, as well as trends, provides analytics that can be visualized on a dashboard and shared with your entire team.

Some of the benefits of integrating Google Marketing Platform with Google Cloud include:

  1. Have the full view of your marketing funnel.
  2. Know how campaigns impact on actions towards the website or directly on your business.
  3. Automated analysis of patterns in the data.
  4. Segment and generate lists of audiences to personalize messages to those groups in new marketing campaigns.
  5. Create better experiences for consumers by understanding what they are looking for from products or brands (personalized content).
  6. Monitor consumer sentiments.
  7. Personalize what customers see on the site through machine learning.
  8. Predict marketing results and consumer purchases.
  9. Drive business growth.
  10. Increase business performance

With the combination of the aforementioned tools, it is also possible to predict the LTV (Lifetime Value) of customers, i.e., those who have greater long-term value for the business because they will have a greater impact on results and with whom you can interact through marketing messages.

If you would like to see how Incubeta are using their in-house cloud data pipeline tools and analytics services to help their clients take advantage of all these benefits (and more!), please reach out.

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