The Incubeta Influencer Initiative; A Tour of Europe

The Incubeta Icon has made its way to mainland Europe, in the hands of our fourth Incubeta Influencer, Veronica, who visited our offices in The Hague, Amsterdam, Zurich, Munich and Berlin.

Rebecca Archibald

What is the Incubeta Influencer Initiative?

We’ve selected five of our staff to carry our Incubeta Icon to each of our offices: meeting our amazing employees, touring the Incubeta offices and exploring the diverse and vibrant cities that our staff call home. Each of our influencers have been assigned one region which they will tour, before passing the Incubeta Icon on to the next influencer.

Our first Incubeta Influencer for Europe Veronica.

Our Fourth Influencer:

Name: Veronica Brits
Role: Head of Integrated Creative
Time at Incubeta: Just over a year
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

The Hague

To kick-off Veronica’s journey, she explored the city which she calls home, The Hague. She enjoyed a get-together with her team in the office, before setting out to highlight the great things The Hague offers to visitors – making sure to visit the rainbow bench – a symbol of pride for the LGBTQ+ community.


Next up Veronica headed to the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam to visit the Incubeta Maze-One office. The Incubeta Maze-One team are marketplace specialists, and are recent additions to the Incubeta family, joining the business back in October last year. After an office tour and get-together, Veronica was taken on a tour of the city by her buddy. Amsterdam is known for its many waterways that run through the city as well as its abundance of cyclists. So getting a quick picture with a bicycle was a must! 


The next part of the journey for Veronica and the Incubeta Icon was Zurich in Switzerland. Veronica was welcomed by the local team, visiting their office (featuring a giant model of the Kung Fu Panda) before heading out to enjoy the city with her local buddy – and being treated to some of the best views.

With travel being limited over the last couple of years, it hasn’t always been possible for our teams from different offices to get together in person. So this was a great opportunity for our teams to build relationships across the globe. 


After Zurich, Veronica hopped on a flight to Munich, where she spent the day with some of our German team. Of course, she had to visit the Marienplatz, Munich’s central square, taking in the architecture of the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall), before sampling some of the local cuisine. 


The final stage of Veronica’s journey was visiting Berlin. She was given a tour of the city by her local buddy – checking out the street art on display in the city, as well as visiting some of the many historic sites across the city,  such as the Oberbaum Bridge (a double-decker bridge that crosses Berlin’s River Spree). 

Veronica’s thoughts…

“In all the riches I have gained in my life – travel feels like the only thing that offers me a real currency conversion. From incredible destinations, to absolutely amazing people. I am in awe of Incubeta”

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Up Next

Stay tuned to see our final influencer Ryan carry the Incubeta Icon across Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. 



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