The DV360 Series

As one of only four global Google Marketing Platform (GMP) partners, Incubeta is constantly on the lookout for the latest features and opportunities within GMP and translating these into consumable pieces of content for our clients. This month our focus was on DV360 and how it can make all the difference to your programmatic strategy and performance. 

Matilda Rose Moir

Joined by our Analytics and Adtech specialists we ran a DV360 webinar series, taking users through the three key features of DV360; showing core features, in depth demonstrations, and best practices on how to navigate, and make the most of your DV360 offering. The series is split into three episodes; The Audience Module, Creative Capabilities and Saving Time.

Episode One: The Audience Module 

In the first episode we take a tour through the audience creation, analysis, and reporting capabilities of the DV360 platform. Examining the various audiences you can create in the interface such as combined, activity-based and custom affinity, and others – plus we demonstrate how to get insights such as demographic, overlap and geographical in the analysis section. This episode also covers how to take advantage of the reports most commonly used in relation to audiences: audience composition and audience performance.

Don’t miss the in-episode demonstration at 13 minutes where we show you how to create your own custom affinity audience for all those situations when Shopaholics just don’t do the trick.

Episode Two: Creative Capabilities

In the second episode we explore the key creative capabilities in DV360, identifying the benefits and limitations and highlight where secondary platforms, such as Studio, might be a better alternative. This session will give you the confidence to design and manage creative formats using the Creative Module, regardless of your current level of creative design capabilities – plus we’ve included a demo of a creative build using the Creative Module’s Format Gallery to show you how to pull Product Feeds into creatives for dynamic remarketing.

Episode Three: Saving Time in Dv360 

In the final episode, we look at how certain time-saving features, such as automated bidding, automated budget allocation, bulk edits and Structured Data Files can help you manage your activity more efficiently. Make sure to check out the demo at 13.56 minutes where our Programmatic Consultant, Greta Bezzini runs a step by step demonstration of how to download, amend, and upload Structured Data Files in the most efficient way.

To access the full recordings, and take a look at more Incubeta content, visit our YouTube Channel and hit subscribe.

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