Solving Creative Connectivity with Seamless Creative

Today’s world is real-time. Each day consumers are becoming more digitally connected, demanding a seamless, open and transparent experience from brands. And as marketers, we need to be capitalizing on these demands, building trusted relationships and driving the narrative that resonates across all verticals – transparency, efficiency, structure and empowerment. 

Matilda Rose Moir

Creative is the smart-hook that allows us to build and maintain these relationships with consumers and, when combined with automation, can be an invaluable revenue generator for advertisers. 

However, when it comes to dynamic creative it can be both expensive and complex to prepare for every campaign – especially when it comes to ensuring the same quality across different levels of dynamic creative knowledge. Which is why Incubeta built a creative solution designed to marry media activation and the complexity of dynamic creative – bringing them together in an easy to use UI. We call this Seamless Creative. A creative solution that is as dynamic as consumers. Creating creative that transforms with client campaigns. 

A modular creative design, our approach to dynamic creative transcends traditional solutions, making digital connections with messaging that matters most. Here’s how we used Seamless Creative to increase creative engagement by 36% for the fashion brand, Zalando.

Scaling Data Driven Creative for Zalando

Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS) is fashion brand Zalando’s 360° marketing unit – connecting brands to consumers, enabling growth and elevating branding. ZMS wanted to achieve a more personalized ad experience and drive a modular design approach to further improve ROI/uplift in conversion, and increase ad engagement using an automated solution. 

They needed a partner to support in building an automated data-driven creative solution that leveraged dynamic capabilities, while training their in-house teams to independently roll out similar strategies across multiple known brands.

The solution needed to be future proof – permitting ZMS to control and personalize creative assets across multiple markets and campaigns at the same time. Tasked with achieving just that our overarching goal was to drive a modular design approach to further improve conversion uplift for ZMS, and increase ad engagement using an automated solution. 

To create a modular dynamic creative template we customized our Seamless Creative platform creating a fitting User Interface for ZMS teams to effectively and efficiently personalize dynamic creative. Using an easy to use creative assembly, ZMS had the option to publish campaigns immediately or schedule for a future launch date. 

The solution also included a custom product selector tool developed for ZMS, that gave the teams complete flexibility to build out creatives for the right brand and product requirements. This solved the challenge of the product feed being too large for Google Studio. 

We also delivered a Creative Learning Series to educate the Zalando team through the process, providing an extensive Onboarding User Guide and Creative Production Playbook to ensure best practices are always met and ensuring success in the long-run. 

Overall we reduced the time to create and edit creative by 87% with a 6.8x increase in campaign click-through-rate, and a 36% increase in creative engagements. 

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