Playing Devil’s Advocate – Incubeta’s Answer to Industry Noise

Few can argue that the marketing industry isn’t synonymous with technical jargon, ‘buzz’ topics and following-the-herd mentality. The nature of our market demands it, and as such we often find ourselves regurgitating information and opinions that already saturate the marketing space – adding to the noise, rather than disrupting it.

Matilda Rose Moir

While this naturally has its benefits, at Incubeta we value standing away from the crowd, challenging industry norms and arguing against mainstream opinions – because what’s not to love about playing a little devil’s advocate…

So, we made a podcast to do just that. A podcast where we’ll be inviting some of the brightest minds in our business to have a no-holds-barred, honest conversation to challenge the industry’s hottest topics. Hosted by our Global Director of Strategy, Damien Bennett, Incubeta’s Playing Devil’s Advocate unpicks and challenges some of the hottest topics in the Digital Marketing Industry – offering unique insights and perspectives that break through the jargon-heavy opinions we so often see.

Each week/month we’ll be picking a key topic and discussing alternative opinions to rival industry norms. Whether you’re a confident CMO, digitally dexterous, or just a curious consumer – we’ve got you covered. From Jeff Bezos and Sharpies, to Google and Digital Aliens we’ve got something to wet every appetite. 

Kicking off the series Damien was joined by Commercial Director and Prime Subscriber, Robert Stoner in our pilot episode ‘Is Jeff Bezos a Force For Good’, to talk about whether Amazon’s “business practices are scorched-earth capitalism”, or if they can be a force for change, in an ever-changing world. Tune into our Spotify to have a listen and hit subscribe to get early access to each new episode.

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