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EMEA / Industry Insight

Heatwaves, Floods, Forest Fires and Digital Media; Incubeta’s take on COP26…

With COP26 and the topic of sustainability trending across the industry, we sat down with Lauren and Charlie from our Sustainability Committee to talk about COP26 – what it incorporates, why it’s happening now, and what we should do next.

EMEA / Life & Culture

Incubeta Insider: Sitting Down with the Mental Wellbeing Committee

In our latest Incubeta Insider piece, we sat down with Holly and Chloe from our UK Mental Wellbeing Committee (MWC) to see what the committee has been up to in the last year to support their mission of ‘actively improving employee mental health support at Incubeta’. From ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ to self-reflection checklists, here’s how the committee has been placing mental wellbeing at the forefront of the company throughout 2021.

EMEA / Industry Insight

Preparing for Peak Season; Why you’re Never Too Late…

With November upon us, and the festive season fast approaching, it’s important to reiterate the criticality of establishing a solid game plan to navigate one of the most competitive periods in digital marketing – and ultimately capitalize on the drastic increase in consumer spending levels.

Global / Industry Insight

Playing Devil’s Advocate – Incubeta’s Answer to Industry Noise

Few can argue that the marketing industry isn’t synonymous with technical jargon, ‘buzz’ topics and following-the-herd mentality. The nature of our market demands it, and as such we often find ourselves regurgitating information and opinions that already saturate the marketing space – adding to the noise, rather than disrupting it.

Global / Industry Insight / Work & Awards

Durable Data-Driven Creative Strategies: Learn with GMP

There’s been a lot of theoretical talk about privacy and the impact of the loss of the cookie. But when marketers ask how it will specifically impact their digital ad campaigns, there’s a lot of information to parse through and not a lot of answers. We joined Google Marketing Platform’s creative solutions team in a Learn with GMP session to discuss the impact of the loss of the cookie on data-driven creative as we know it today. 

Global / Industry Insight

Getting Spooky with Lovehoney – Using Halloween as a Sales Springboard

Friday 31st October is once again upon us, yet today’s variation of Halloween is somewhat more advanced than the traditional trick n’ treating we’ve come to know, and love.

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