Other Marketplaces in Europe: ManoMano

Maze-One are Europe’s leading marketplace agency, helping brands build more profitable relationships with Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. In this series, we highlight some of the upcoming new marketplaces now conquering Europe, like ManoMano.


“For brands in the DIY and gardening tools, ManoMano is a no-brainer.” – Anouck van Rietschoten, Head of Operations at Maze-One.


ManoMano. Europe’s biggest marketplace for DIY and Home & Garden.

Founded in France in 2013, this relatively new marketplace for tools, hardware, DIY and gardening collaborates with over 3,000 retailers to offer 4 million products in 6 countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK), including leading brands like Bosch, Gardena and DeWalt.

Three pillars, one result.

ManoMano has identified three pillars to differentiate it from more generalist platforms:

  • It works directly with third-party retailers and takes care of its own logistics via ManoMano Fulfillment (MMF). It feels this combination of an in-house fulfilment service focused on a niche market can outperform generalists with a fulfillment
  • It has built up a community of genuine experts and enthusiasts (Manodvisors). Creating a shopper experience as rich as visiting a specialist physical store. In 2019, Manodvisors held 1 million advisory conversations with customers.
  • ManoMano is expanding beyond hobbyists with ManoMano Pro. Professionals will obviously increase average basket size and though this service is only just getting started, it already accounts for 10% of the company’s sales in France.

How it works

Rigorous selection

To join the ManoMano community, you need to meet a few clear but rigorous criteria:

  • ManoMano works exclusively with sellers who meet their quality, reliability and delivery service standards.
  • Before you can sell on ManoMano, merchants must request an account via the ManoMano website. ManoMano decides if the applicant is eligible for a seller account based on their responses in the set-up form (covering company info and product types).

Transparent costs

  • Operating strictly as a marketplace, ManoMano doesn’t compete with sellers and commissions are negotiated individually with each merchant.
  • There is no registration fee. Instead ManoMano charge a fixed monthly fee (€60) and a category-based commission (18-20% depending on the product category) on each sale.

Superior logistics

  • ManoMano has developed its own logistics tools.
  • MMF covers storage of items and logistics, so that sellers can outsource shipments.

Raising Visibility

  • ManoMano recently partnered with Mabaya to introduce a sponsored-product advertising model, so sellers can advertise products in related categories.

Where next?

The DIY market is booming. Since the covid pandemic, we’ve been spending more time renovating and decorating our homes. Once we’ve been inspired by platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it’s a small step to ordering the tools and products online.

In June 2021, ManoMano had 650 employees and offices in Paris, Bordeaux and Barcelona. Its aim is to have 1,000 employees in Europe by the end of 2021. The reason behind this recruitment drive is that ManoMano recently announced that it is strengthening its business model and accelerating on three priority projects:

  • building its European presence, particularly in Northern Europe;
  • increasing support for its merchant partners with dedicated services;
  • offering a differentiated customer experience.

In 2020, ManoMano achieved €1.2 billion in sales turnover (+100% year-on-year), 50 million unique visitors per month (+70%) and 7 million active customers (+100%). With this combination of vigorous growth, a differentiating niche customer experience and a clear vision for the future, for any seller with ambitions in the DIY category ManoMano can surely not be overlooked when developing your marketplace strategy.

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