Marketing in Times of Change – A Focus for 2023

2022 alone was a testament to the fact that change is inevitable. The ongoing repercussions of the COVID pandemic, the War on Ukraine and the looming recession all forced brands to pivot their strategies and realign with consumer expectations. And this need for adaptability will only grow as we move into 2023.

Matilda Rose Moir

The world of digital is an ever changing ecosystem, and the criticality of both having a growth mindset and staying ahead of the game has never been more prevalent. But how do you build, and execute a strategy centered around growth? How do you deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time?

Across Q1, we’ll be discussing change, and all that it encompasses. Bringing you insights on the challenges change can instigate, the innovation it can present, and how marketers can use it to their advantage. With blogs on channel optimization, how to drive growth throughout uncertainty and increasing efficiency via automation. Stay tuned!

With this in mind, we’ll be centering our first event in 2023 around this theme. Joined by industry leaders from across the globe, Incubeta is taking to the stage, dissecting key global challenges and helping brands do more with less, drive efficiencies and think outside the box.

Peeling back the connotations associated with change, and showcasing the benefits it so often reaps, we’ll be covering topics on: the changing consumer, living in a privacy-centric world, and the tools to help brands work smarter, not harder.

Stay tuned for more information and keep your eyes peeled for our event registration page.

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