Incubeta’s Pledge in 2022, and Beyond

2021 showed us how quickly the rules of marketing can change. A year like none other before it, we’ve seen a significant rise in consumer expectations, awareness and behavior – which has doubtless set us up for an eventful 2022. The world is changing, and we need to change with it. It goes without saying that without a solid plan for sustainability we don’t have to worry about our future anymore – there will be none. 

Lars Lehne

That’s why at Incubeta, we’ve pledged to put sustainability at the forefront of all that we do in 2022, and from thereon. Why? Because “the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan.

Growing a Better Future

We believe in sustainable growth. Growth delivers prosperity, improves the quality of peoples’ lives and creates opportunity. But when pursued without consideration for the resources it consumes, or the waste it creates, growth can be a force of destruction. That is why the growth we pursue is sustainable, not simply in commercial terms, but in terms of the planet we rely on. We call this, ‘Growing a Better Future’.

Come 2022, Incubeta will be launching three initiatives to invest in sustainable growth on a global scale; growing people through education, growing biodiversity through protection, and growing our investment in regeneration through carbon offsetting. 

Growing People through Education

Our planet, and ecosystem depends on people who are empowered to protect it, and the ultimate source of that power is knowledge and ultimately, education. Education is one of the most sustainable methods of fighting against climate change which is why Incubeta is  investing in education programs for marginalized youth around the world, helping foster a generation with a future – for themselves and for the planet.

Partnering with Save the Children we aim to support the equivalent of 10% of our staff throughout 2022 and beyond, covering their entire educational package for the year, helping the child and the community break the chain of poverty, and create a ripple effect for generations to come.

Growing Biodiversity through Protection

The interdependence of the complex ecosystems on which we depend is at last universally understood. From declining bee populations to the impact of deforestation, we’re beginning to appreciate just how fragile the balance of nature is. That’s why Incubeta has partnered with Bees for Development who help train and educate communities in poorer nations on the financial and ecological benefits of beekeeping, providing local people with the tools and knowledge to perform sustainable beekeeping, all in an effort to achieve less poverty through steady income and increase biodiversity. 

1 in every 3 bites of the food we eat is directly dependent on bee pollination, yet bee species worldwide are declining at an alarming rate. In 2022 and beyond we pledge to train 25 beekeepers in keeping bees well and market their produce. 25 beekeepers total approximately 600 hives with roughly 30 million bees producing a total of 15 tons of honey.

Growing our Investment in Regeneration through Offsetting

Maintaining and increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is unquestionably alarming, and what’s even more dangerous is not acknowledging or being aware of that contribution. Few know that digital advertising is in fact a major contributor to global carbon emissions and that the internet could be responsible for a larger carbon footprint than that of the airline industry. 

As a digital partner which is all about growth we made a pledge at the beginning of 2021 to turn our attention to our line of work as a media agency, researching the impact from the ads we manage for our clients to raise awareness of the often overlooked impact from digital carbon

In 2022 we’ll be launching an initiative that measures, and offsets the carbon generated by media for all clients across our 15 markets. Identifying the carbon generated from a page load, we can calculate a ‘carbon responsibility’ score from serving an ad, taking into account factors such as media outlet and ad forma, and from here, we offset the digital footprint. 

In 2022 we pledge to bring regeneration, and sustainability to the heart of our work.


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