Incubeta’s Incubator Series

At the end of April 2022, the Incubeta Growth team ran their  first UK Incubator Series training session – a free training course that offers new and existing partners an opportunity to join a one hour session where a variety of topics relating to Digital Marketing are discussed. 


9 people were selected to attend the session, with all participants representing a number of brands, from international beauty retailers to global fashion brands. All participants received a personalized workbook that they used to complete tasks, working individually and in groups with people from different organizations and industries. Aptly named the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, our training covered various topics – customer journeys, the importance of an omnichannel strategy sharing, why digital marketing is so effective and what brands and campaigns had inspired us recently.

In every respect, the Incubator Series was a success: . great response, great turnout, and great feedback. But it revealed something that we hadn’t previously considered…

Initially the goal of the Incubator Series was to give clients and their teams the opportunity to learn something new and expand existing knowledge on a variety of topics related to Digital Marketing. While we certainly achieved this within our first session, we also offered participants a one hour timeframe to think about their job in a way they might not have done so before. An hour to brainstorm, ask questions, and think critically about their role, their department, the campaigns they’re working on. 

Training is often thought of as a luxury but it shouldn’t be. It’s critical to our growth and progression. It can inspire us and allow us time to reflect. It can lead us to discover new ideas and consolidate existing ones. It’s our best tool but it’s often overlooked. 

Our hope is that the Incubator Series will help change that mindset!

Want to get involved? Sign up to apply for our next Incubator series here..


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