Incubeta Wins at MadFest

Last week was an exciting time for Incubeta, as we took to the stand (and stage) at Mad Fest. The UK’s biggest and boldest celebration of marketing, advertising and disruption!  Known for their innovative events that pack a punch with no-nonsense, exciting content, here’s our Incubeta highlights from the 3-day extravaganza. (Check out the Mad Fest Highlights Video)

Lauren Church

Our branded picnic table attracted the attention of many, providing us with a brilliant base for building relationships, having insightful chats with industry experts, and connecting with brands, both new and old. 

With four stages, and a stellar list of speakers, drawn from the likes of Unilever, Marks and Spencer, Meta, Diageo, we were certainly treated to a plethora of fantastic talks, one of which was ‘Brands in the Metaverse: the Limitless Opportunity’ presented by Rachel Waller, Global VP of Innovation at Burberry. Rachel discussed how brands can leverage metaverse experiences to connect with their consumers in the spaces that matter most to them. We also enjoyed the session led by Amazon Ads UK, Cadbury, Mondelez UK, and Carat Uk, who’ve recently teamed up to amplify and extend seasonal campaign moments to reach audiences both on and off Amazon in creative and relevant ways. As well as; Consumer Centricity in a Post-COVID World presented by Sarah Barron, CMO of Dominos, and Democratizing Creativity, by Neil Boorman, Head of Creative Lab Europe, Tik Tok. 

Incubeta on the Stand

On day two, our Growth Consultancy Director, Charlie Davison, took to the Brand Innovation stage to present “Empathy at Scale with Thick Data’ –  a unique approach to the value of ‘thick data’ to drive a human-first approach to branding and advertising.

Charlie discussed how Brands want to understand the customer journey, to enable them to better influence and guide their consumers along it. Yet, their problems are threefold: brands are struggling to be distinctive at the bottom of the funnel, to be memorable for the right reasons at the top of the funnel, and to chart the journey between the two. Brands want to understand their consumers in a way which enables them to provide a positive value exchange in every encounter. While this understanding is expected to come from customer data, the issue with data is it so often misses what drives human sentiment. ‘Thick data’ on the other hand, presents people’s thoughts, feelings, concerns, hopes and dreams around a given topic or category. Brands can understand the messages they should communicate across the customer journey to demonstrate empathy, understanding, and expertise that inspire trust in the consumer. 

Winning with Superdrug

We are also thrilled to announce that Incubeta took home the Independent Agency Freedom Award, for our Outstanding Client Service for Superdrug! 

As one of the biggest Health and Beauty retailers in the UK, Superdrug stock hundreds of brands within a crowded market. With increased competition over ad space within the SERP and challenges around the marginal value of well performing products, Superdrug needed a way to maintain market share and simultaneously increase profitability across multiple key categories, whilst continuing to use Paid Search as a performance-driven channel.

To achieve this, Incubeta and Superdrug decided to deviate from the standard Google Search set-up, re-evaluating how to take it to the next level. We found that, although some campaigns performed well based on a ROAS basis, the margin on these products was low, therefore, these were not the strongest areas to invest in. Products with a higher margin were a better candidate for investment, but how could we identify those and measure the effectiveness of this strategy shift? We collaborated with our tech team to build a system that measured the profit of every order made through a PPC ad. We were then able to track the margin and profitability of our activity on a daily basis, and make optimisation decisions, which then led to the profitability of our activity increasing month on month, with some categories such as skincare reaching profit increase of over 18,000% in only one month.

A huge congratulations to both the team and Superdrug who worked tirelessly on the account!

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