Incubeta Predicts: Key Digital Forecasts & Considerations for 2023

2022 showed us how quickly the digital marketing landscape can shift, and the imperative need for reactiveness as a means of survival. With 2023 fast approaching, we presented a survey to our team of digital specialists and leaders to gauge their opinions and thoughts on future trends for the coming year.

Matilda Rose Moir

Covering everything from the recession and privacy to omnichannel marketing and the split between digital and physical retail, here’s what’s in store for the marketing industry in 2023. 

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What’s in the whitepaper..?

The Recession

With 86% of global leaders anticipating a recession to hit, it’s no surprise that the economic and financial situation is going to play a key role in all that we do in the coming year. We’re seeing increased pressure being placed on marketing budgets to perform and as such, we’ll see a rise in smart investment and solutions in the coming year as marketers attempt to increase efficiency while operating within the same budget. It’s going to be a challenging time for lots of those involved in business growth and performance.

Privacy & First-Party Data

It comes as no surprise that privacy emerged as one of our key topics in this whitepaper and over 73.9% of those surveyed highlighted it as a theme for 2023. With the continuous depletion of cookie-pools, Google announcing the permanent sunsetting of Universal Analytics in favor of GA4, and the looming deprecation of third-party cookies, 2023 will be the year for privacy centricity. 

Omnichannel Marketing: The Split Between Digital & Traditional

Achieving continual visibility is more important now than ever before, meaning omnichannel marketing, and hybrid strategies will likely come to fruition in 2023 as advertisers become smarter about their complete customer journey – looking to drive effective traffic between stores and online. Remaining visible across each and every touch point.

Download the full whitepaper here; Incubeta Predicts: Key Digital Forecasts & Considerations for 2023 for in-depth insights and additional coverage on Automation, Ecommerce, Social and Sustainability, plus a bonus section discussing the status of certain sectors. 

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