Incubeta Predicts: All Eyes on 2022

2021 showed us how quickly the rules of marketing can change and how staying ahead of the game, and on-top of emerging trends is crucial to succeed. With 2022 fast approaching, we spoke to thirty three members of our senior leadership team across the world to hear their thoughts and opinions on the state of digital marketing in the new year. Covering everything from privacy and automation to sustainability and user experience, here’s what’s in store for the marketing industry in 2022. 

Rachel Rose

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Accelerating Automation

Automation has been increasing YoY within the digital marketing landscape and new opportunities for growth lie in the space surrounding this technology. Over 60% of the survey recognized automation as a key trend for 2022, which is a testament to the immense notoriety that intelligent automation has gained over the last year. 

Joining the Privacy Conversation 

It comes as no surprise that privacy emerged as one of our key topics in this whitepaper and over 57% of those surveyed highlighted it as a theme for 2022. With the continuous depletion of cookie-pools, the continued depreciation of 3rd party cookies and the impact of legislative regulatory frameworks coming to play, the coming year and beyond is certain to be privacy-centric. 

The Status of E-commerce and Omnichannel Optimization 

Achieving true channel visibility is more important now than ever before, and ecommerce and omnichannel optimization will be critical in the following year (according to approximately 43% of those surveyed) as digital fulfilment has become a major fixation for many clients.

Download the full whitepaper here; All Eyes on 2022, for in depth insights and additional coverage on sustainability, the user experience and the implications of COVID in 2022, plus a bonus section discussing the status of each sector. 


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