Incubeta Insider UK: Upskilling with Amy Jackson

I was once told that you only stop learning when you’re dead. A morbid but valid piece of information which has resonated with me throughout my career, encouraging me to grab opportunities when they arise, and actively seek out the ones hiding from view. This has resulted in a constant consumption of new skills, learning from individuals across a range of roles and professional backgrounds, and ultimately the ability to adapt.

Amy Jackson

As an in-house digital marketer, unless you’re lucky enough to have a team which consists of channel owners, you’re generally tasked with managing a multitude of different projects and channels. PPC, display and paid social activity, organic social, SEO and digital PR, analytics, affiliates, email, site and app optimisation to name a few. At one point I was asked to migrate to a new CMS as if it was as simple as turning on a light switch – the list was, and usually is, endless. 

Call it fate, an inquisitive mind, or simply a contractor’s need for work, that led me to apply  for a 6 month Account Director position at Incubeta. I was already well acquainted with the agency, having worked with them as a client a few years previously, and my in-house and consulting retail experience made me a suitable and diverse fit to work across some of the agency’s biggest clients. 

A “jack of all trades and a master of none” marketer being thrown into a world of industry leading specialists was of course daunting, however true to form I was quickly able to adapt and, most importantly, learn and upskill with the support from the business and those who work within it. 

I was presented with a variety of training opportunities, some compulsory, some optional, but all fit for purpose ranging from Google exams, storytelling training (particularly useful when you’re now the one presenting rather than being presented to), how to effectively negotiate, building trusted relationships and even weekly internal knowledge shares where different teams across the agency update on anything from innovate campaigns to the use of shiny new platforms. 

Actually having the tools and sessions in which to upskill yourself is invaluable and something I never had the privilege of accessing to this extent before joining Incubeta. The growth of myself as a marketer in the first 6 months of my time at Incubeta encouraged me to accept a position as Business Director where I’m now able to fully use my client-side cross-channel experience, combined with a much more granular knowledge of search, display, social, analytics and creative solutions, to support clients on their wider digital strategy.

Knowledge most definitely isn’t power, and we’re not always going to know the ins and out of everything which crosses our path – but that’s the beauty of it. As long as you keep striving to engage, learn and adapt then whether you’re a jack of all trades or even a master of some, the ways in which your skills compliment others will create outcomes you never thought possible.


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