Incubeta Insider: 5 Minutes with Rejoice Ojiaku, Incubeta’s New SEO Manager

In our latest Incubeta Insider piece, we sat down with the latest addition to our Incubeta family and SEO specialist –  Rejoice Ojiaku. Joining us after a year and a half at Neo Media World, Rejoice spoke to us about all things SEO and what this new role will mean for her and the future of Incubeta.

Matilda Rose Moir

1.If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be and why?

I would choose creative, funny and driven.

Creative because I am so interested in all things content and redesigning things to ensure it’s appealing and different. Funny because I enjoy laughing (whether it’s by myself or with others). I feel life is too beautiful to not laugh and if those around me are laughing then I feel great. Driven because I love to get involved in so many things and sometimes it’s to my own detriment because I am not resting enough. But I was raised to be ambitious and a go getter and I don’t want to give up that aspect of me 

2. What do you value in a business, and why did you decide to work at Incubeta?

I value transparency and innovation because I believe that it breeds creativity in people and it is not limited to leadership. It allows everyone in the company to feel they have the power to make a real difference. From executives all the way to the CEO. Incubeta shows exactly that, researching into the company and what it is about, I got the feeling that your role does not limit you in the difference you can make. It felt like Incubeta can help me develop myself career wise, as well as personally. I think it’s a testament to the company if their employees can see themselves advancing internally. 

3. What about SEO excites you the most?

SEO has so many layers to it and you’re not obligated, or restricted to only exploring a singular layer. From Content to Technical to Outreach etc, you have endless possibilities of what to learn and what to get involved in. Although SEO can be presented as Technical, I love how I can still use a creative approach to optimize landing pages and work with other channels such as UX, PPC, Social etc. 

4. What’s in store for the future of SEO and how can we prepare ourselves?

I think we will start to see more and more on Search/User Intent. This is because behavior is changing over time and ever since the pandemic , I feel how and why people search will drastically change, and therefore how SEO is thought of, and done, will also change. Although the core of SEO will remain the same, we can see that Google is already showing us results that best serve user intent, which means the method by which we plan SEO strategies will have to take that into account – so we’re utilizing the EAT principle.

Data surrounding behavioural analytics will be something to keep an eye on, we will have to start thinking about what the customers are doing, how they are doing it, why they are doing it and how can we make it easier for them to do. This means that yet again using behavioural analytics to help produce content. 

Lastly, I think the future of SEO will greatly involve accessibility, as that is fast becoming a hot topic of conversation. How SEO can incorporate accessibility in order for all customers to be targeted while still effectively utilizing SERP features to rank. 

5. You’re already a great advocate for diversity & inclusion within the marketing industry. Could you tell us a bit more about that & how you hope to channel this through your role at Incubeta?

Diversity and Inclusion is something that is super important to me because we live in a society where different things impact people due to skin colour, sexual orientation, religion and even gender etc. Because of this, I co-founded a platform called B-DigitalUK that catered to the Black demographic in order to educate about Digital Marketing/Advertising. It also inspires others by showcasing current Black talent in the industry, which has opened up the conversation around Diversity & Inclusion and what it truly means. I have been honoured to be on panel talks discussing representation, featured in publications about cultural diversity and sensitivity that really challenges companies to think differently. 

I hope to be part of, and contribute to the diversity and inclusion conversation at Incubeta and bring my expertise to the table. I would like to share my ideas and contribute to the conversation about how tangible change can be achieved, and how it can fit into well-being. 

To learn more about SEO, and hear from Rejoice herself, register to watch her talk at Brighton SEO in July as she discusses ContentSEO – Keyword Mapping for User Intent. Understand how consumer behavior can successfully aid your keyword mapping process to be more specific and to create effective content that targets consumers and not just Google. Register today to secure your spot!

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