Incubeta Insider: 5 Minutes with Borja Alonso, Incubeta Maze-One’s Business Development Manager

Last year Incubeta acquired global marketplace experts Incubeta Maze-One; a full-service marketplace agency that works closely with over 140 clients to ensure their brands build sustainable, profitable relationships with Amazon and other marketplaces. With Incubeta Maze-One recently expanding their services into Spain, we sat down with Borja Alonso, Business Development Manager for Incubeta Maze-One. Borja spoke to us about joining the Madrid office and what this will mean for Incubeta, Incubeta Maze-One, and our Southern European market.

Matilda Rose Moir

Question 1: What does this expansion mean for Incubeta Maze-One

Incubeta Maze-One’s expansion into the Spanish market will allow us to grow our business development across the entire of Southern Europe, (including Spain, Italy and Portugal), raising Incubeta Maze-One’s profile and allowing us to connect with customers wanting to improve their presence on Amazon and other Marketplaces.

While the challenge is enormous, we know that the time and place are right.

Prior to Incubeta I was the Marketplace Manager for both Marqués de Riscal, one of the biggest wineries in Spain, and The Phone House, an operator of mobile phone distribution chains in Europe. These experiences have given me a knowledge and a 360º vision of Marketplace strategies, experiences and learnings that I can transfer to my work at Incubeta Maze-One.

Question 2: What has the acquisition by Incubeta meant for Incubeta Maze-One?

The acquisition by Incubeta only reaffirms the leadership of both companies in their respective areas. For Incubeta Maze-One, being able to go hand in hand with a company of Incubeta’s trajectory meant taking our business to the next level. We’ve been able to ‘upgrade our growth’ and gain access to world-class digital marketing knowledge, solutions and capabilities.

We recognize the importance of marketplaces, and as such want to provide the best and most advanced solutions for our customers. Becoming part of the Incubeta family has allowed us to do this, and allowed us to enhance and expand the range of digital services we currently offer.

The growth of marketplaces is here to stay, and throughout the course of 2021 more than 24 million Spaniards onboarded one of the main marketplaces; such as Amazon, ECI, Aliexpress. As established members of the Incubeta family, Incubeta Maze-One can now truly tap into this growth opportunity, responding to the growing demand and needs of our customers.

Question 3: What services and projects are offered by Incubeta Maze-One?

At Incubeta Maze-One we provide 360º project management within Amazon and other marketplaces, offering an “end to end” service including: brand audits, strategy, technical integrations, content optimization, marketing and advertising management in marketplaces, account protection (Amazon Brand Registry) and so on. We have a physical presence in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Norway and now, Spain and are experts with a great track record in each of these markets, boasting 160+ active clients including Rituals, Unilever, PlayStation, and Chicco.

Incubeta Maze-One’s main objective is to become one of the leading agencies in the Spanish and Southern European market. Replicating our previous success throughout Southern Europe.

As Business Development Manager, my initial objective is focused on brand awareness and recognition. We want the companies that approach us to know our working method and our success model. We want to forge long-term alliances and develop long-lasting win-win strategies. To achieve this, it is essential that all those interested in our services are fully aware of our philosophy, our values, our technology and, in short, our way of managing projects.

Want to learn more? Check out Incubeta Maze-One’s latest blog; Incubeta Maze-One Expands Offering into Spain. For more information on how Incubeta Maze One can help you, get in touch today.


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