Incubeta Ignite: Introducing Sally Laycock, Incubeta’s UK CEO

Last week was an exciting time for Incubeta as we announced the appointment of Sally Laycock as our new CEO of Incubeta UK. Having joined the business 13 years ago, Sally has succeeded Luke Judge and will continue to drive Incubeta’s growth trajectory through the innovation of services and products.

Matilda Rose Moir

This week, Sally sat down with Justin Pearse from New Digital Age to discuss her journey to CEO, her goals for Incubeta, and the importance of certain key topics – such as diversity – going into 2021 and beyond. 


At Incubeta we have an award-winning culture, and Sally stressed the importance of continuing to foster Incubeta’s culture, and the legacy of our people-first practice into 2021 and beyond. One of the primary contributors to our prodigious cultural workplace is our strong approach to diversity and inclusion, and Sally identified this as a key focus of hers to build upon in her new position as CEO. 

Transparency and inclusivity are integral to Incubeta’s success and Sally emphasised the value she places, and will continue to place on these business attributes. Over the last year Incubeta has introduced a number of working committees that create focus groups to maintain our company ethos and culture – transparency, inclusivity and diversity are the backbone to these committees and will remain as such under Sally’s direction. 


Enabling progression within the business is of paramount importance to Sally, and one of her main aims as acting CEO. Incubeta is part of a prodigious global group, and there is going to be a big focus on leveraging our expertise across the globe to deliver outstanding work for our clients. Sally highlighted the potential for further group integration over the coming years, as we become a more unified business. 

Technology is also a space for Incubeta to progress within. The last few years saw us invest a significant amount into our new proprietary technology, Seamless Search, which is already generating substantial results for the business. Sally discussed how progressing within the technological space will offer a wealth of opportunity for Incubeta in 2021 and beyond. 

Sally also highlighted our achievements as a brand launching a number of new services for our clients and how, moving forward, we will continue to build upon our offerings, packaging and integrating them within our core services. 


Growth is at the forefront of all we do at Incubeta, and Sally wants to continue this mentality – onboarding great clients, building upon existing relationships and selling new and exciting services.  

Incubeta is very much a people business, our people are at the heart of what we do – a factor which will continue to grow and contribute to our success as a brand throughout the coming years. As a brand, we’ve got a large role to play in ensuring the greater good of society. Sally discussed how, in last year or so, we’ve chosen to diversify from the ground up, starting right from the selection process – implementing blind assessment technologies to ensure we operate an unbiased approach to hiring.  Sally wants to continue this approach, introducing more procedures, such as internal mentoring and training, to foster our diverse culture, and grow the business and industry leaders. 

Click here to watch the full episode of Incubeta Ignite: Incubeta UK Appoints Sally Laycock as Incubeta UK CEO!


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