Incubeta Analyzes Prime Day (+ Top Tips for Prime Day 2.0)

July saw the return of Amazon’s (once) yearly flagship event, Prime Day – a 48 hour extravaganza where shoppers, especially Prime members, get access to a wide range of deals from brands all over the world. This year was the first ‘normal’ Prime Day after two years of brands facing extreme struggles with warehouse capacity, logistics, and lockdowns due to COVID-19. 

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Following the 48 hour extravaganza, Incubeta Maze-One’s Head of Operations, Anuock van Rietschoten, took to the virtual stage during a 45-minute webinar (Marketplace Masterclass – Post-Prime Day Opportunities, Results, and Trends) to walk through a number key Prime Day insights, highlighting the best advertising strategies we saw, our predictions post-Prime Day, and upcoming opportunities that brands on Amazon wouldn’t want to miss. 

So what did we see throughout Prime Day 2022?


General Event Highlights

Influencers: For the first year ever we saw Amazon focus heavily on the use of influencers (and celebrity figures) to bolster sales over the 48 hour event – significantly more than they did in 2021.

Inventory: Multiple brands missed out on Prime Day in 2021 due to inventory issues, however this year we saw a return to more stable inventory levels. For brands that didn’t join, the biggest roadblocks were budget cuts and an overall decrease in ecommerce activity worldwide.

Discounts: On average brands were offering discounts between 20-40% to shoppers

Best Sellers: Some of the best selling items worldwide were from premium beauty brands like Laneige and NuFace, as well as the Apple Watch Series 7, diapers and wipes from Pampers and The Honest Company, and Levi’s apparel and accessories, to name a few.

Key Prime Day Stats

  1. Prime members purchased more than 60,000 items per minute during the event.
  2. Prime members did the most shopping from 8pm-9pm PT on July 13 (the second day), highlighting the importance of long-running advertising strategies (e.g., being prepared for the last stretch of the event) and the tendency for shoppers to wait until the last minute to make a purchase.
  3. The average Prime Day 2022 spend per order was $53.14, compared to $47.14 from the same time period during Prime Day 2021. 
  4. The average order size was $52.26, average price per item was $33.58, and average household spend was $144.56
  5. Engagement doesn’t end after the two-day event is over; 53% of shoppers said they’re likely or highly likely to repurchase again after Prime Day.

Best Selling Categories

  • ‘Household items’ rose to the top as the most purchased category, likely a result of how COVID-19 has affected shopping behaviors towards home purchases (e.g., spending more time indoors, stocking up due to inflation, etc.).
  • ‘Consumer electronics’ dropped down to the third spot after taking second in 2021 and first in 2020. 
  • ‘Grocery’ is the biggest growing category, accounting for 15% of Prime Day buyers’ purchases, when in previous years it reached no more than 5%.

Country Data

  • Prime Day shoppers from the US, UK, Germany and Japan engaged the most.
  • For countries where Amazon is relatively new, there are no official numbers yet, but here are our first impressions for the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden:
    • In the Netherlands, every year we notice an increase in total impressions and revenue, with the biggest impact seen with high ticket items.
    • Poland had its first Prime Day since Amazon first enrolled Amazon Prime in the market in October 2021.
    • In Sweden and Poland, many brands did not participate with Prime Day. They experienced a high increase in traffic, but not a large increase in sales, indicating a large group of window shoppers.

Prime Day 2022. Not Over Yet? 

With over 300 million products sold versus 250 million in 2021, this was reportedly the biggest Prime Day yet. But it doesn’t stop there and for the first time ever, Amazon will be running a second Prime Day in the same year. The “Prime Fall Deal Event” is scheduled to run some time in September or October of 2022. While no official announcement has been made, several of our clients have already been invited by Amazon to take part, and our marketplace teams are busy working towards the event. 

It’s not certain why Amazon has opted for a second round of Prime Day, but with the strong comeback of brick-and-mortar stores this year and the decline in overall ecommerce sales worldwide, we speculate that Amazon is compensating for lower sales than what they had originally forecasted. 

Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for the Prime Fall Deal Event.

Tips to Prepare for Prime Day 2022 – Round 2


  • Run general promotions or vouchers in combination with Amazon Deals on top items to create the biggest impact.
  • Ramp-up performance and align with consumer shopping preferences towards the second day by allocating advertising budgets between the two days with extra deals and ads for day two. 
  • Test different deals, promotions, and vouchers, especially with products that did not perform as expected during the first Prime Day.
  • See Prime Day not as two days, but as a season; it has weeks of lead-up and lead-out. You can drive steep sales throughout the season. 
  • Have an always-on campaign approach to remain top of mind with audiences.
  • Leverage results from this first Prime Day to improve your campaigns for the next.
  • If you’re not invited for Amazon deals during the next Prime Day this fall, then consider other ways to benefit from the increase in traffic during the event; vouchers and promotions are a great alternative.


  • Don’t underestimate the last few hours of day two. Budget for it and have advertising strategies up and running to target all the shoppers buying at the last minute. 
  • Don’t run deals on too much of your catalog, especially with Cyber Week and Black Friday coming up.Spread out your budget across the three appropriately. 
  • Don’t underestimate the Prime Fall Deal Event; joining this second round could bring you great returns.

To learn more about Prime Day, register to our on-demand webinar about Prime Day results, trends, and opportunities.

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