Google’s New Search Ads 360 Is Here

Google have just announced the hotly anticipated launch of their brand new and refreshed Search Ads 360 platform, which marks the single biggest refresh of the platform’s look and feel since Google’s initial acquisition of Doubleclick back in 2007. We’ve taken a sneak peek at some of the updates coming to the New Search Ads 360, and what advertisers can expect from the coming months.

Ruaridh Stewart

What can we expect from the New Search Ads 360?

First and foremost, the basic look and feel of the platform has undergone a significant makeover to update and streamline the somewhat dated platform, in addition to faster navigation. Ultimately it will look familiar to users of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads – with a whole host of navigation functionality seemingly taking direct inspiration from the platforms. This in our view is a good thing, as it will lower the barrier to entry for new users of the platform, and will help to speed up the adoption and uptake for more seasoned veterans of Search Ads 360.

Beyond the new exterior, we’ll also see that there are a plethora of changes designed to facilitate the seamless management of all your search engines in one place, to a level that has not previously been seen before in an enterprise-level solution.

Main highlights include a number of new innovations to workflow and reporting, such as the ‘Overview’ page, providing advertisers with ‘at-a-glance’ insights and alerts, a brand new ‘Performance Center’ (evolved from legacy ‘Budget Management’), as well as a brand new and enhanced Reporting tool.

The New Search Ads 360 will also play host to a wide range of updated compatibility and integration updates, notably for Microsoft Ads engines (e.g. RSAs, LIAs, Call extensions to name a few), as well as some recently launched Google products such as Performance Max and Discovery campaigns.

With both the added support for important engine features, and the introduction of new workflow innovations, we anticipate the new Search Ads 360 will help to unlock a wide range of productivity and efficiency improvements for users of the platform, and expect to see a whole host of new and innovative marketing strategies implemented as a result. 

What does this mean for Advertisers?

For now, not a huge amount will change as access to the current UI is still available, and will be for some time – due to certain advanced features not yet being available in the new UI (e.g. bid strategies and inventory management). That being said, a full migration to the new platform (along with deprecation of the legacy platform) is expected to happen in the not too distant future.

With this in mind then, it would be prudent for advertisers to begin familiarizing themselves with the new workflows & navigation, testing the new added engine compatibilities, and leveraging the new reporting features in order to set themselves up for success ahead of full migration.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for further announcements from both Google and Incubeta relating to the New Search Ads 360, where we will be providing deep-dives into the key changes and feature updates as they happen.

To learn more about Search Ads 360 or the Google Marketing Platform as a whole, then get in touch with Incubeta today.

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