Google Delays Page Experience Signal Update

Last November Google announced that they would be changing their algorithms to include user experience within the search ranking process. Allowing Google to streamline the user journey, whilst pushing advertisers to improve their page experience, for fear of being knocked down the SERP. Originally set to rollout this month, the page experience ranking change isn’t expected to go live on Google Search until the end of June.

Joe Comotto

Google has stated that the reasoning behind the delay is to give people longer to prepare for the change and allow Google to monitor for “any unexpected or unintended issues” that may arise. The page experience badge that was discussed previously will continue to be tested despite not being finalized, but Google have reiterated that they don’t expect the update to be drastic.

While the delay gives businesses more time to make refinements to their website with page experience in mind, most will have already started making the necessary changes to their sites to avoid penalization when the update does eventually roll out. 

To provide more actionable insights, Google has launched a Page Experience report in Search Console to provide valuable metrics that enable brands to identify opportunity and evaluate performance. At Incubeta we’ve been working closely with our  clients to help them understand the changes and assist with making the necessary changes. For more information on the update, and how Incubeta can help you prepare your website for the rollout, get in touch today.

Want to learn more? Read all about Google’s New Search Criteria or watch our Incubeta Ignite webinar; The Next Steps in Search where Incubeta’s UK Director of Search Experience, Joe Comotto, ZA SEO Analyst, Bridget Hoepner, and Binary Bear’s Founder & CEO Joe Doveton discuss page experience signals.

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