GA4 to Analyze Online and Offline Purchases

In a previous blog, we explored the possibility of activating predictive audiences of the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform from e-commerce sites. However, to obtain metrics that are more limited to a type of business, there is the possibility of make implementations between different data sources (online and offline) to obtain an automatic learning model and enhance the results.


Now it’s time to see how to optimally segment our customers or prospects according to their behavior in physical or virtual stores, develop cross-sell strategies or reduce the cancellation rate of a service.

However, according to each type of industry there are different business objectives. For example in retail, it is about increasing sales and perhaps for financial services, the most relevant thing is the opening of accounts or even the granting of all kinds of credits, for others, the generation of leads.

To capitalize on information, four stages are required:

  1. DATA COLLECTION. 360 customer understanding.- Collect data from all sources of information (social networks, digital properties, Google platforms, other guidelines and CRMs) and user behavior in each one.
  2. INTEGRATION. Identify customer purchases in virtual and physical stores, achieve a common ID, store each data source in Google Cloud Platform, clean and standardize the information in an automated way so that it is reliable and current.
  3. ADVANCED ANALYSIS. Rely on platforms to analyze, segment and predict behavior. Know from which is the correct audience for a product, create clusters according to the characteristics of consumers, and communicate correctly with them.
  4. DISPLAY. Business Intelligence services are necessary to understand the efficiency of our online and offline efforts and then activate data-driven marketing.

Check out our GA4 in Practice webinar to understand how all this comes together to develop data-driven digital marketing strategies with examples.


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