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Want to get on top of your ecommerce and Google Analytics? Have a look at our latest collection of free resource whitepapers to help you navigate your digital marketing strategy.

Matilda Rose Moir

Google Analytics Checklist

Understand the fundamentals of Google Analytics tracking and how you can improve your website’s performance.

Do you trust your data? Are you capturing the right basic data? Is your data clean? Is your account setup to best practice standards? All these questions can be answered by conducting a quick and easy Google Analytics check.

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The Little Black Book of Ecommerce Success

Get The Book That Gives You The Edge In E-Commerce… With e-Commerce growing at a rapid rate, the era of the online shopper is finally here. But what makes an e-Commerce venture successful?

We’ve created a handy guide to help you uncover the secrets to e-Commerce success.

The Little Black Book Chapters include:

  1. The 8 Ps of e-Commerce success
  2. Why Analytics is key to successful marketing
  3. How to get your analytics house in order
  4. Stop driving via the rear view mirror
  5. Data, statistics & discipline
  6. The experimental approach
  7. Personalisation & automation
  8. Where to next?
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Marketing Analytics: A Guide to Successful Campaign Tracking

Understand the fundamentals of campaign tracking in Google Analytics and how you can improve your marketing analytics practices.

Our guide takes you through the key points of campaign tracking for success.

It explains how Google Analytics identifies traffic, how you can (and should) set up your own custom campaigns and provides a list of best practice tips on structuring and managing your campaign reports.

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