FACEBOOK: Top 3 Tips to Convert this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: one of the biggest retail holidays in the calendar. With only 7 shopping days left until the big day, we’ve compiled some of the best tips to get the most out of your Facebook advertising spend and maximise your conversions in the last minute shopping frenzy.

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Finding “The One”

With Facebook and Instagram Advertising, you’re able to really drill down on the right target audience, which is particularly important with this specific holiday. Most people have their relationship status on their profiles, making this crucial data readily and easily available to advertisers. This allows you to target users who are in relationships, whilst not wasting your budget on the single population.

When you targeting people in a relationship consider differentiating by relationship type: boyfriend/girlfriend, just engaged, newly weds, or married long term. This will allow you to personalise your messaging for a higher conversion rate.

Make sure to build custom audiences specifically, people who are looking at Valentine’s offer pages on your website that have yet to purchase. You can then retarget these users with the products they were looking at.

Be a Smooth Talker

Since you can do such granular advertising on Facebook, you need to make sure your copy is up to the task. Differentiate your messages between male and female audiences. Make sure you’re highlighting any services like Click and Collect or Free Delivery: these will be hugely important as consumers do their last minute shopping. However, if there’s terms and conditions on these services they need to be clear. Sequential messaging might also be useful as a reminder to the consumer of deadlines for online ordering.

For instance, “Last chance to get delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. Get your order in today and receive free shipping on gifts over £50.”

This puts a sense of urgency into the user and will encourage them to convert.

Another aspect of your ad that is crucial to nail is your landing pages. If you’ve got two separate ad campaigns running as “Gifts for Him” and “Gifts for Her”, you’ll need to ensure that you have corresponding ad pages for them. If you’re advertising gifts for her, consumers will be less likely to convert if they’re served a generic landing page. Any offers for the holiday such as, 10% all gifts, will have a higher conversion rate with a dedicated landing page.

Dressed to Impress

When creating your ads, the best performing formats are the carousel, and video. Something important to note: keep the copy on the images to an absolute minimum, if you need it at all. Facebook doesn’t tend to serve ads that have too many words on them.

Also, ensure that your images are the correct size for the platform. A picture that is optimised for Facebook on desktop is never going to look the same on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, video also works really well here. If in doubt, a high quality photo showcasing your product works the dream.

7 Days to Go, the Countdown is on

So, if you want to maximise your conversions this Valentine’s Day: make the most of the targeting capabilities available, keep your copy tight with relevant landing pages, and showcase products using video and carousel formats.

For more tips on how to convert using Facebook, download our whitepaper: 5 Facebook Advertising Tactics to Drive Performance

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