Everything You Need to Know About Customer Experience

The topic of “customer experience” is a loaded one. Brands are being told that they need to invest in it, but what does that really mean? In our latest whitepaper, Incubeta offers answers to all of the burning CX questions brands are too afraid to ask, and provides a working guide to making the most of your CX efforts.

Danielle Moyer

When boiled down to a single definition, customer experience is every single interaction your brand has with a customer. If that sounds broad, that’s because it is. CX is essentially your brand, meted out one touchpoint at a time. So when you hear that brands need to focus on CX, that can mean any number of actions and optimizations; and it can mean something different from one brand to the next.

To help brands navigate the nuances of customer experience, Incubeta has created an all-encompassing whitepaper titled “The Keys to Optimizing the Digital Journey: A Working Guide to Customer Experience”. In this whitepaper we discuss key topics surrounding CX including:

  • What is customer experience (and how it differs from user experience and user interface)
  • Why CX matters now more than ever
  • The importance of accessibility
  • A step-by-step, working guide to optimizing customer experience at every point in the customer journey from pre-site, to on-site, to the post-sale customer experience, to what omnichannel CX considerations need to be made
  • And a whole lot more

While every customer experience decision will be unique to your brand, our whitepaper focuses on a set of guideposts, or cardinal rules that can be used to make key CX optimization decisions. In order to maximize CX, brands should focus on the following points:

  • Eliminating points of friction
  • Personalizing whenever possible
  • Delighting the customer
  • Fostering communication (this means transparency and openness on the part of the brand, but is also a two-way street; encouraging dialogue with the customer)

These cardinal rules take on different forms depending on the point in the customer journey. By identifying the desired outcomes of those different journey points, we’re able to provide a working guide to optimizing CX wherever your brand is interacting with the customer.

Interested in learning more about customer experience? Download the Incubeta Working Guide to Customer Experience whitepaper today.

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