Driving Success at El Buen Fin

With less than a month till El Buen Fin 2022, an annual nationwide shopping event in Mexico, we spoke to Incubeta’s Data Science Specialist, Ricardo Camarena to see how brands can streamline and optimize their campaigns to drive digital success across the four day event. Focusing specifically on the use of Machine Learning (ML), Ricardo discusses how brands can reach the right audience, at the right time with the right message.

Ricardo Camarena

As part of a successful digital strategy, brands will, or should consistently use different variations of audiences according to their performance and digital properties – but this isn’t the only source of information that they should be using. As advertisers we need to be asking ourselves if we have other variations of data that can help improve the accuracy and, subsequently, the performance of our strategy. Especially in the lead up to major events – such as El Buen Fin and Hot Sale.

Think about the data that’s commonly collected and stored within CRM platforms (Salesforce, Dynamics 365, or Hubspot) – namely information such as the relationship that clients and prospects have with your brand. We know who they are, their form of contact, the RFM (Recency, Frequency Monetary Value), their LTV (Lifetime Value), and Engagement with the brand, among other high-value metrics. Information that can, under certain conditions of integration with Google Analytics, help us create more powerful audiences to increase conversion rates and efficiency.

As global Google Premier Partners, Incubeta can exploit Google Cloud Platform and specifically Google BigQuery ML to create more converting audiences by identifying and integrating different data sources related to digital properties and the offline world. Taking advantage of the powerful features offered by Google Cloud Platform, advertisers can automate the different data integration processes and create algorithms using various ML models offered by BigQuery to create clusters of clients and prospects.

Now, imagine being able to use these audiences identified by high-value clients and prospects with a high probability of purchase in the various media campaign platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, or Google DV360. 

By utilizing ML, brands can use these audience segments throughout El Buen Fin to run:

  • Offers and promotions by type of client.
  • Offers by brand
  • Offers by payment method
  • Seasonal offers
  • Always on
  • Remarketing
  • A/B Testing
  • Bidding automation

Like any ML model, it will continue to learn to optimize and improve the audiences created –  permanently offering you the best audiences according to the seasonality, the brands you promote, discounts, and payment methods.

With Google BigQuery ML and the integration of diverse online and offline data sources, we can make data-driven decision making reliable, timely, and accurate. Which in turn will improve your performance, and drive digital success throughout key calendar events. 

For more information about how you can inject ML into your brand strategy, get in touch with Incubeta today.


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