Driving Profitability in the TV Landscape

Connected TV (CTV) has grown exponentially over the last decade, with digital video ad spend, driven by CTV, forming 56% of total video in 2021. And like the majority of growth we see within the industry, with this expansion of digital video comes the opportunity for marketers to tap into a rich targeting environment, with high measurability, while speaking to, and answering, consumer demands.


Also referred to as over-the-top (OTT), CTV or CTV advertising is a form of private marketplace deal, and refers to ads that can be placed on a device (be it a TV, mobile, tablet or computer) that can be connected to the internet and access video streaming content beyond what is normally provided. As such, CTV is an invaluable channel to marketers. Not only is it essential for traditional TV advertisers, but it opens the door to those who previously didn’t have the budget to test TV. 

Enhancing Your Media Planning

There’s a reason why the explosion in popularity of this channel is one of the most followed topics in all of digital media. CTV is proving to be wholly unique in its measurability that works effectively for both brand awareness and conversion. This trend is important to pay attention to right now because like most emerging technologies, services and products, the rapid adoption of this channel is due to real changes in consumer behavior. It’s safe to say that the industry has never seen a shift in media consumption like this.

If it isn’t already, CTV should become an essential component of your media planning to provide incremental reach across CTV/OTT channels for viewers that are not reachable through linear TV advertising. It will also ensure your video approach still has the same reach it did 3 years ago.

Getting Ahead of the Game

With CTV fast becoming the next ‘big thing’ it’s important to consider the following to get ahead of the game and drive profitability within the TV landscape:

  1. It’s not limited to a ‘singular screen’ – Using cross-device targeting you can retarget those previously exposed to a CTV ad across multiple devices
  2. Creative Content is Critical – Showing the right message to the right user is crucial to ad performance and effectiveness. If your creative doesn’t resonate with your target audience, then you won’t see results, and your ad spend is wasted. Be sure to optimize your creative concept to consider both the user journey and target takeaways.
  3. Exploit Measuring Capabilities – There is a clear difference between Linear and Digital TV, and unlike Linear, CTV opens several doors to robust measurement. Be sure to break down the variables – Inventory, Creative, Daypart, Device and Audience – to accurately measure performance.


*BONUS: CTV has the potential to thrive in a cookie-less world

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