Digital & Corporate Responsibility in a Privacy-Centric World

We live during a confluence of two seemingly opposing forces within the world of commerce. On one hand, digital acceleration and maturation is an imperative for brands to embrace, yet on the other hand, in order to adapt to the modalities of evolving regulations, brands need to handle consumer data responsibly. And striking the right balance between the two appears a seemingly insurmountable task for many.

Matilda Rose Moir

Yet in reality, when customer data is collected ethically and intelligently it has the ability to drive short-term KPIs while simultaneously building long-term customer relationships and providing complete transparency. For brands to fully embrace digital responsibility as a directive, it needs to be ingrained as an ethos on the corporate level. 

Using our global expertise, Incubeta has created a whitepaper titled “Digital Responsibility is the New Paradigm for Corporate Responsibility” that examines how the third-party cookie phaseout is ushering in a day of reckoning for brands’ data strategies.

Broken down into four key topics our 360° whitepaper covers:

  1. How Evolving Data & Regulation is Offering Brands an Opportunity to Reset Consumer Expectations
  2. The Inefficiencies of Outmoded Data Practices and How the Industry is Responding
  3. A Working Guide to Consumer Data Through the Lens of Digital Responsibility
    • Understanding how consumer data is currently siloed
    • Enabling a clear value exchange between brand & consumer
    • Ingraining security within the consumer data ecosystem
    • Leveraging AI and ML for predictive modeling
  4. The Imperative of Digital Responsibility as Corporate Responsibility


Download our Digital Responsibility whitepaper today. 

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