Celebrating World Bee Day with Bees for Development

In celebration of World Bee Day, we sat down with Nicola Bradbear, the founder of our charity partner Bees for Development to discuss how she created the charity, their mission, and how they help some of the world’s poorest people become self-sufficient through beekeeping. 


Rebecca Archibald

How can you help? Click here to donate to Bees for Development. 

About our Partnership

At Incubeta, we’ve pledged to put regeneration and sustainability at the forefront of all that we do. Why? Because “the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan.

The interdependence of the complex ecosystems on which we depend is at last universally understood. From declining bee populations to the impact of deforestation, we’re beginning to appreciate just how fragile the balance of nature is. That’s why Incubeta has partnered with Bees for Development who help train and educate communities in poorer nations on the financial and ecological benefits of beekeeping, providing local people with the tools and knowledge to perform sustainable beekeeping, all in an effort to achieve less poverty through steady income and increase biodiversity. 

1 in every 3 bites of the food we eat is directly dependent on bee pollination, yet bee species worldwide are declining at an alarming rate. In 2022 and beyond we pledge to train 25 beekeepers in keeping bees well and market their produce. 25 beekeepers total approximately 600 hives with roughly 30 million bees producing a total of 15 tons of honey.

Click here to learn more about our 2022 pledges.



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