All Eyes on H2: Reflecting & Looking Forward

“As pressure on budgets increases brands must seek to do more to understand what is working and what isn’t and ensure their efforts are focused on the areas that drive true value” – Lars Lehne, Global Group CEO

Matilda Rose Moir

At the end of 2021, we presented a survey to our global experts to gauge their opinions and thoughts on future trends in 2022 and beyond. Amalgamating their responses we curated a whitepaper, Incubeta Predicts: All Eyes on 2022 in which we explored a number of key themes including digital accessibility, automation, privacy, ecommerce and omnichannel optimization. 

As we settle into the second half of the year, we asked our global experts to reflect upon their initial predictions and how these will hold up in Q3 and Q4. 

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What’s in the Whitepaper?

Split into two parts, the whitepaper both reflects on our previous 2022 predictions whitepaper (All Eyes on 2022), and forecasts what’s to come throughout the remainder of the year.


At the end of 2021 over 90% of our clients expressed interest in automation, a testament to the immense notoriety that intelligent automation has gained. Moving into the second half of 2022 this is still the case with marketers realizing the potential that automated marketing can offer them.

Automation is helping businesses improve their productivity, and by the end of 2027 the global marketing automation market size is set to be worth over $8 billion (USD). 


A key prediction in our initial whitepaper, privacy is certainly front of mind for all marketers as we enter the second half of 2022. The industry is being challenged to rethink the ways in which they collect and activate user data through their platforms – realigning their understanding of the customer journey purely via 1st party data.


After two years of unpredictable circumstances and unusual growth patterns, we’ll likely see the stabilization of ecommerce growth in the second half of 2022 with a rise in the prevalence of brick-and-mortar experiences. Accompanying this ‘comeback’ in physical retail we’ll begin to see an increased understanding, and recognition for omnichannel experiences, and the need for seamless customer journeys.

Sustainability, UX & Long Covid

Initially our global experts named sustainability and UX as key focus points for marketers in 2022. While our predictions regarding UX manifested, our forecasts for sustainability fell short due to international travel restrictions causing a surge in consumer spending. That being said, the second half of 2022 will likely see sustainability and sustainable behaviors begin to reclaim authority amid the cost of living crisis.

The War on Ukraine

The implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – inflation, tech downturn and impending recessionary conditions – saw a worldwide deceleration in ad spending, and as such, consumer confidence is at an all time low. The second half of 2022 will likely see a rise in thoughtful marketing and putting the consumer first. 

The Cost of Living Crisis

One of the key focus points for the second half of the year will be the rising cost of living crisis. Consumers are actively cutting back on their spending habits, and as such we’ll begin to see a loss of ‘brand loyalty’ as individuals favor price over familiarity.

Doing More With Less

The pandemic, amongst other factors, has forced downward pressure on marketing budgets and there is an inherent need for brands to be doing more with less resources. Brands are realizing the value that a full funnel cross team marketing approach can deliver and amid the cost of living crisis, are choosing to build stronger long term marketing foundations whilst tightening the purse strings elsewhere in the business.

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