A Spotlight on Tomorrow’s World

Last week Incubeta took to the stage at our latest event Tomorrow’s World – hosted at Google’s HQ office in Kings Cross. A nostalgia-themed event for global audiences, we took a step back from the fast lane of digital to share informed predictions on tomorrow’s world with presentations, panels, and keynote speeches covering a range of futuristic themes.

Matilda Rose Moir

The Future of Digital Advertising 

Andrew Turner, our Chief Revenue Officer, kicked off the event with videos from some of Tomorrow’s World’s remarkable predictions such as working from home, buying flights online, and electronic diaries. Looking forward, Andrew then discussed the future of advertising in a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) before introducing our first speaker, Adam Taylor who discussed how advertisers can move forward in light of the seismic shift in targeting and measurement of digital work. 

Privacy Preservation: Building Back Consumer Trust

Google’s Privacy Lead, Adam Taylor spoke about the opportunity for responsible marketing, privacy preserving technology and consumer trust. Consumers have become distrustful of brands collecting their data and are looking for better ways to protect their privacy. Taylor stressed that advertisers must do more than just meet regulations and plug gaps – they need to embrace this disruption and move forward beyond the bare minimum in order to be successful. Digital marketers need to make it meaningful, making it manageable, and making it memorable. Brands must demonstrate that they offer value clearly with every exchange and cannot continue to keep working the way they used to.

Fireside Chat with Marks & Spencer

Following on from Adam, Incubeta’s Chief Growth Officer James Sleaford took to the stage with Fran Darvill, Senior Media Manager Measurement and Transformation at M&S, and Kate Jervis, Incubeta’s Growth Director to discuss the issues surrounding GDPR, cookie deprecation, and the future of digital advertising.  In light of the privacy changes that are coming into play the panel discussed a number of recommendations for staying ahead of the competition.

  1. Understand where the opportunities for your first party data are
  2. Help you to establish the foundations for Tomorrow’s World: What data will (and won’t) be available to you in the future? 
  3. Provide training which will drive alignment across your business.

The Future of the Working World

Moderated by Amy Norton, Growth Director at Incubeta UK the following panel took a deep dive into the future of the working world. Joined by Sarah, Global HR Business Partner KMKA & APAC Lead at Acceleration Partner, Mark Hawley, Talent Insights Lead KMKA Google, Ian Benjamin, host of the Digital Hub Podcast and Managing Director at Digital Execs, and Kelly Perry, Senior HR Business Partner at AWIN the panel explored the shifts, challenges, and improvements to the current digital work environment. 

The four takeaways were:

  1. Remote work.
  2. Mental health
  3. Trust
  4. Diversity and Inclusion

The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Moderated by Sally Laycock, Incubeta’s UK CEO the final panel focused on the importance and needed prevalence of CSR. Joined by Sophie Harkness, Operations Director at Incubeta UK, Crista Buznea, Head of Marketing at Ecologi, Sam Barry, Senior Partnerships Development Manager at Save the Children and Jo Verdult, General Manager & CMO at Double Dutch Drinks the panel discussed the importance of charity partnerships, sustainability, climate change, implementation, responsibility, and leadership. Some key takeaways from the panel were that the future of CSR will become more of a partnership with other organizations vs just taking cash donations and spending them on a specific project. The creation of CSR Committees can help drive these initiatives forward. Create time for your employees to get involved in CSR, for example, charity and training initiatives. And that CSR needs to move from a centralized to decentralized structure. It must shift from a board deciding on a cause to support, to the business realizing they can offer real value to these organizations and vice versa. It should be decided from individual departments.

Keynote Speaker: Maggie Philbin, CEO & Co–Founder, TeenTech

The session closed with keynote speaker Maggie Philbin who recounted her experiences on Tomorrow’s World and how technology has changed and evolved. She also spoke about how she developed TeenTech, a not-for-profit Charity and Community Interest Company, to fill in a gap where learning wasn’t reflected in real-world applicability. 

Want to learn more about the future of tomorrow’s world?

Despite Google prolonging the deprecation deadline of third-party cookies, brands still need to focus on building a strategy and brand approach that’s NOT dependent on third party cookies. Which is why we’ve put together a whitepaper on what the future of the world will look like without the support of 3rd party cookies – breaking down the impact channel by channel. Offering unique perspectives and highlighting the importance of the role that first party data enrichment will play.


Download Whitepaper Here


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