A Spotlight on Google Marketing Platform

“Google Marketing Platform integrates world-class solutions to help buyers run holistic campaigns across multiple channels.” Google

Formally known as DoubleClick (plus Analytics 360), Google Marketing Platform (GMP) is an online advertising and analytics platform that offers improved media effectiveness, and operational efficiency for (larger) organizations looking to buy online ad space.

Matilda Rose Moir

With GMP, advertisers are able to create, manage and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns more effectively – integrating world-class solutions to run holistic campaigns across multiple channels.

As the largest and longest established GMP sales partner in EMEA and APAC, and one of only four global sales partners, Incubeta recognizes the value that GMP can have, and has proven through working with top-tier brands that we are leading specialists in helping advertisers tackle complex problems such as in-housing, dynamic creative, data activation, real 1:1 marketing, and industry-specific segmentation modeling with GMP.

Primed to help advertisers deliver complex use cases across Google’s Maturity Framework and Menu of Services, our latest whitepaper explores each of the solutions within GMP; Search Ads 360, Display Video 360, Campaign Manager 360, Google Analytics 360, Optimize 360, Surveys 360, Tag Manager 360, and Data Studio.

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A Whitepaper Sneak Peak…

GMP combines best in class technology across media and measurement, advanced feature and audience targeting through platform connections, complete Data Fidelity between digital platforms, and centralized measurement for all media enables precise optimization and spend efficiencies.

With GMP Ad Tech Solutions – SA360, DV360 and CM360 – advertisers can manage search marketing campaigns, across multiple engines and media channels, programmatically bid and buy inventory directly from publishers/ad exchanges outside of Google’s network, and host/serve multiple engaging ad formats across all channels.

By implementing GMP Ad Tech Solutions, Incubeta has been able to drive +50% increase in conversions, +50% increase in conversions rates, and 30% decrease in cost per acquisition for clients across the entertainment, finance and retail industries.

With GMP Measurement Solutions – GA360, Optimize 360, Surveys 360, TG360 and Data Studio – advertisers can get actionable insights from their data, optimize their web performance to deliver personalization, conduct market research, deliver tag management and convert data into customizable informative reports and dashboards.

By implementing GMP Measurement Solutions Incubeta has been able to increase ROAS by x5, reduce cost per acquisition by +80%, increase sales by +170% and execute seamless tag implementation for clients across the beauty, retail and finance industries.

To learn more about Google Marketing Platform download our whitepaper; A Spotlight on Google Marketing Platform, and see how Incubeta can help you get the most out of your marketing.


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