A Spotlight on Amazon Prime Day

As we settle comfortably into the Summer season, the tail end of June (21st -22nd) will see the return of Amazon’s yearly flagship event, Prime Day – a 48 hour extravaganza put on for the platforms paying (prime) customers. Falling earlier than usual this year, the online giant’s 6th Prime Day promises to be bigger and better than ever before; and as such, offers a vast window of opportunity for any and all Amazon advertisers. 

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Due to coronavirus, last year’s Prime Day was pushed back almost three months, with the two day event taking place in October rather than July. Which in turn indirectly shifted the demand away from products relating to Summer (and Back-to-School), and onto those more associated with that of the holiday season. Yet, despite the shift in focus, Prime Day 2020 still saw a 45% increase in global sales in comparison to 2019 with millions of consumers flocking to the site to snap up bargains in tech, furniture and home goods.

With the continued success of Amazon’s Prime loyalty program, over 200 million users have signed up, and will be able to take full advantage of all the slashed prices, deals and savings expected over the 48 hour event. Using our in house Market Monitor Tool we ran an analysis over Prime Day 2020, looking at top industries and verticals within the marketplace, and how the product listings fluctuated over this time. To no surprise we saw massive movements in listed products, brands share of voice, price trends and the aggressiveness of advertising. Sellers and vendors alike were taking full advantage of the increased demand over Prime Day and activating their listing and advertising strategy to capitalize on this.

As we draw closer to Prime Day 2021, we’ve collated a list of  actions you need to take to drive performance and outstrip the competition.

How to Prepare for Prime Day – Listing Optimisation

The run up to Prime Day is a perfect excuse for spring cleaning. Now is the time to ensure your product listings are up to the highest possible standards they possibly can be so that you’re more appealing to the customer, and to ensure you’re ranking in the search results for all relevant queries. 

The most important aspect of your product detail page is your product title. This is what users see on the search results page and should clearly describe your product while containing top keywords that you want your product to be ranking on. It’s vital that you conduct keyword research to ensure you’re covering all potential terms that could describe, or be relevant to your product. 

In addition to the product title you should include these keywords in the product bullet points and product description – in a coherent manner that’s in line with the language. Remember to stay within Amazon’s strict policies to avoid any potentially disastrous disapprovals. 

You’re also able to include backend keywords for your products that do not display on the product detail page, but still contribute to your product relevancy and keyword reach. Be sure to use a wide range of keywords that are relevant to your product to maximize your organic product reach.

At Incubeta we use our Market Monitor Tool to facilitate keyword research and identify new keywords and phrases to expand our reach, as well as monitoring competitor activity to ensure we’re competitive in the market when it comes to product relevancy.

How to Prepare for this Prime Day – Paid Advertising

The use of our Market Monitor Tool also provides huge benefits in the management and optimization of Amazon Advertising campaigns. Marketing on Amazon has become vital to brand survival and success on the online marketplace – a feat which only increases fourfold over Prime Day. 

From our research last year we saw fluctuations of at least 10% of sellers actively promoting their products over Prime Day – which naturally caused fast paced, dynamic shifts in the products ranking at the top sponsored results. This means that when it comes to advertising, you have to be on top of your advertising campaigns to ensure no opportunity is missed.

Incubeta’s Market Monitor tool can help you achieve full visibility on your product performance, gaining insights into direct competitors, SOV, keyword gaps and position. We can dynamically monitor the position of products on top keywords and bypass competitors when a product falls out of the desired position – acting accordingly to maintain performance. Gaining such granular data means we’re able to optimize campaigns to a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

To learn more, register for our Incubeta Ignite: Prime Day Insights workshop where we’ll be scrutinizing your current Amazon activity through a personalized audit. Providing you with key takeaways that will  help you optimize your campaigns, and get in prime position for the summer. Register now to secure your spot

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